Two-Layered Super Funky Summer Dress

Summer is slowly coming to it’s end, but as long as this Indian summer lasts, I would like to share this fun summer dress with you… It was probably our THE most favourite dress of this summer!


Ok, I know the phrase “Indian summer” is probably not quite just yet the right phrase, it’s more of just “late summer”, but it seemed like the matching phrase to use with those photos, because we were actually doing some Indian chanting to make rain go away, so it wouldn’t kill our campfire, haha :-)
(And guess what- it worked!!)

So here’s a short story “how it happened to be” (and I mean the dress, not the Indian chanting, heh)… We were somewhere downtown with our friends, and Liv’s friend had this amazing jersey two-layer-looking dress on, and I just couldn’t get my eyes off it, hah. How convenient for us, they are our besties and also our almost neighbours, so while I had an approximately done sketch already of them, one day I just borrowed the dress for one night and actually traced it to make life easier for me.





And so, do-de-doli-do, I made my version of that dress. And it’s so nice, and comfy, and funky, Liv and I just both love it.




The top fabric is a lovely flower print Art Gallery fabric, which I matched up with some thin turqoise-green-ish jersey I had left from some other project at home. Ah, long live those scrap fabrics, right? :-)



Actually, I first used the flower-y Art Gallery fabric to make a shirt for myself some time ago, but it didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, which was kind of sad since the fabric is pretty awesome, beautiful and super soft, but I was glad I could redo it into something else for Liv instead. It suits her so much better anyway…


Next year I absolutely have to make a version for myself of it…! Damn it, what is it about those kid’s dresses that most of the time I like them so much more than my own?! :-D



Hello, Robin Hood

As I have mentioned before, there are a few posts about costumes coming up. This is one of them, and I am glad you came to have a look. :-)


Last year Liv was introduced to the story of Robin Hood. And she absolutely fell in love with it. Right after she had seen the story (yes, the Disney version), she started looking for things she could use as his clothes and hat and so we had get together something as soon as possible (to stop hearing about how she needed it).



I had this green jersey at home, which was just the perfect colour, so I made a long shirt with a simple collar for her.


I admit, I thought this was going to be enough, but Liv insisted she needed a hat like Robin Hood!


I didn’t have the right colour of felt at home, nor did I find any at a shop, but I had a nice wood green linen fabric, so I took that, made a double layer of fabric, fused with vlieseline interlining so it would hold the shape as Robin’s, and there it was. Easy as pie (as I hear Daddy Pig’s voice in my head from Peppa Pig, which Liv was watching today). :-)))


That’s it, really… we then found a few suitable accessories, like the braided belt and a leather bag for her wooden arrows (from my old toy crossbow, hah) and my husband made a provisional bow.. Later we bought her a lovely wooden toy bow…



So yeah. And for the whole (last) summer, she was Robin Hood. And usually I had to play Lady Marianne, so I have the loveliest memories of Liv telling me how much she loves me, but telling me as Robin Hood to Lady Marianne. Ah, sweet memories.


And yeah, I admit, I thought it was a really great first (role model) hero to be reenacting.. It was not the first movie she saw, but it was the first that grabbed her so much, she wanted to play! And boy (girl!), did it last for quite some time!


Btw, those pictures were taken last summer… Can’t believe, it took me a whole year to post it! Yayks. And also, the saturation of those photos is quite by accident, I happen to have hit a button by accident, that added a comic-book-look or something like that, and I noticed only afterwards. I like it, though, as they are :-)

Liv’s Princess Dress

Hello there again! It’s been a while since I last wrote, the imaginary pile in my head what I want to share is very high, and so I wanted to “open” after this long time with something grand.


The photos I made are not (all) as grand as I imagined, but I’m not going to wait any more for a better opportunity, or else this blog might just absolutely die off, if I wait for things to be perfect. :-) I already made my peace with things not being perfect anyway. And Liv is getting an awful habit of running away from me when I want to take pictures of her (in something I did), so it’s probably not going to get better. Sigh, I have to admit, I do know where she might have picked up that attitude towards camera lenses (finger pointing at myself). It’s a shame really, she is my most wonderful model :-)


Yup, that’s what I’m speaking about.


So here we are.


Liv has, probably in the last year or so, found great liking in dressing up, preferably as her favourite heroes from stories (so you can expect a series of costumes coming up if I keep it up!). Haha, nobody can guess who this dress is inspired by, right? Of course, me being a costume designer and a (hobby?) seamstress, I’m all in for making costumes for this little girl! Oh, I only wish I had more time (and energy) to do all the costumes she would like! That would be so much fun..


Ok, needless to say, I guess, this dress is a bit inspired by Cinderella. However, I didn’t want to make a replica of Disney’s Cinderella’s dress. I much rather wanted to make a dress that would be at least coming near to a historically (more) correct dress for a girl (for mid 19th century), which would only give her enough hints to be able to get away with also being a Cinderella dress just as much as any neutral princess or such. Also I have to admit, I am still dreaming of finishing that 1860s dress that I started doing long time ago and if would get to make it we could have a lovely historical picnic in a park…! If she doesn’t outgrow her dress before I get to ever do mine…. sigh.



(Haha, see that wonderful Cinderella’s shoe? This one’s not going to get missing so easily! Should have worn proper shoes too, Cinderella! ;-) They’re also much better for dancing, heh. Not to mention those lovely dotted socks!)

Speaking of outgrowing, this dress is actually a bit big for Liv yet, because I have done it a bit wider, so she might grow a bit into it, rather than outgrowing it too soon. However I  might have done it a bit too wide, and I will probably take a bit off from the bodice.


Overall I do not see the dress as being quite finished yet. I will presumably add some details and embellishments to it. After all, I did the whole thing in two kind of crazy night before Liv’s birthday (yes, this stupid habit of having to do something quite last minute).. But for now, we’re happy with it.


Pitty, I didn’t do a photo of the petticoat. I should add that later. I do like the details on the skirt, though.


Oh, I should say, Liv is wearing a shirt with long sleeves underneath, as it was a bit of a colder day that day… Those white sleeves are not part of the dress. Also all the rest of her styling is her own doing :-)



Liv’s Triangle Pyjama

I have quite stopped looking for pyjamas for Liv, ever since she got potty trained. As I have mentioned before here and here, it is mainly because she hardly ever stays under her blanket during the night and I don’t like her belly being all bare as it usually happens with normal length pyjama shirts.


So instead I now automatically make my own ones when a new one is needed.


The great thing about pyjamas is I already have my patterns I use, and it’s very fast and simple to do. So they’re very satisfying to make. :-)

Also, Liv loves her pyjamas. And she often wants to stay in them all day if she could. Which makes it even more satisfying to see she likes what I have made for her.


The pattern of the long shirt/ gown is the same one I used for the Camping Bear Nightgown.

For the trousers I used the Mini Hudson Pant pattern, made by the lovely Kelli from True Bias. Only I left out the pockets, as they are not needed on pyjama pants.


It’s the second time I used the Mini Hudson Pant pattern and I love it. Just as I love the “big” version for women. Only again it was a little bit bigger than I thought would match Liv, so I had to adjust. But that’s most probably because I’m not too well familiar with the 2T/3T/… sizes.


Fabric-wise I used a beloved Art Gallery fabric from the Morning Walk collection, called Mojave Aloe. What can I say. It’s just wonderful. Somehow it was telling me from the beginning it would be an awesome pyjama fabric. And it is.


I paired it up with some nice yellow jersey I had at home.

That’s it for today. We love this pyjama. I should buy more fabric to make a matching pyjama for me…

Toddler Backpack

When Liv started to show interest in packing her own things too when we would go somewhere (or also when we wouldn’t go anywhere) a while ago, I decided it was the right time to make her a toddler backpack.


I saw this pattern from Made by Rae, which seemed to be a fine one, so I decided it would be easier to try the pattern rather than trying to make your own.

Though from the beginning on, it seemed like it would come out a little too big for my slender girl, I wanted to see how it would look when finished. So I just went with the original pattern without changing it. Even though, it turned out I was right. It is somewhat too big for her. But fortunately not too big so it would be unusable for us.



I bought this fabric from Art Gallery, called Hello Bear, Hello Forest, which I loved ever since I first saw it. I always wanted to use it for something, but it was cotton fabric and the animals are too big to be used as something for Liv to wear (and I rarely make other things than clothes… exception is this toddler backpack and the Christmas gift series that is still a work in progress to be put on the blog). So I was waiting for a chance to use this lovely fabric. And this seemed perfect for it.


Have I ever told you how I love Art Gallery fabrics? No, I do not get any commission or free stuff or anything else from them or anyone else. This is purely me telling you about my experience. They are so soft and wonderful, good quality and nice designs… I just love them. Every single one I ever bought was wonderful.


But back to the backpack. So I used the pattern and went pretty much what it said… Well, ok, I rarely read instructions, which can backfire on me sometimes. I think I had a moment here too, where I did something and only after did I look up something in the instructions, only to find I should have done it the other way round. But whatever.


Because the Art Gallery fabric is rather thin though, I put a sturdier plain white cotton fabric in the inside. I probably might have used even some more reinforcement as a middle layer, so it would hold form better. But it’s ok even as it is, I don’t miss it that much.


Though a little bit too big yet for Liv’s slender back, we still love it. She even wants to take it with her somewhere once in a while, or she just packs it with toys at home and plays that she’s going somewhere. And it even served us well to put just enough toys and books to take with us on two vacations. So one might say it serves its purpose.


I plan on making another, smaller one. Though, who knows if she won’t rather grow into the size of this one before I will get to do that. But we shall see. :-)

DIY Stuffed Fabric Whale

The weather seems like it’s turning slowly towards spring, even though it would much more suit me to be winter for just a little while longer. I’ve been very busy (and tired) these last few weeks, so let me catch up on things I’ve wanting to post since December. Ok, since Christmas.

My nephew loves fishes. Loves is probably a bit of a mild word. I should rather say he’s obsessed with fishes. Although I’m not sure if it’s just me or if his obsession is getting weaker. Anyway.


When I was trying to think about something what to give him for Christmas, it always came down to very few things I could think of he would really like and enjoy (and didn’t already have). And somehow it seemed so much more important to me to make something  (special) for him, rather than buying an expensive toy, even though he doesn’t know the difference nor can appreciate it yet since he’s not even 2 and half (and who knows if he ever will, since he may rather loose interest in it sooner than he might appreciate it). Still here I was, wanting to make something for him, and what else other than something to do with fishes.


Quite by chance I came upon this wonderful DIY denim whale tutorial by Valaan Villapaita on pinterest while browsing through some random things, and it got me hooked right away.

So here’s my version of it.


You might or might not find the fabric I used familiar. It’s the one I customized by dyeing when I was doing the little stuffed Rhino. I still had some leftover bits from that, which seemed just perfect for a whale.


Unlike the tutorial, I stuffed also the tail and fins. The denim of the original whales might be thicker and less lacking in stuffing, but the thin cotton I used for my (nephew’s) whale just seemed too empty and lifeless without it. Also I just drew the eyes with a textile pen, because I didn’t want to sew it on, nor did I have a suitable button I could use.


Well. He seems like he likes it, so that’s all I could ever hope for. And I’m glad.


Liv seemed to be a little jealous, also wanting such a whale. Oh, my dear girl, I should kick myself in the butt and finish some of those things I’ve wanted to do for you for some time already too.

(I also made a Montessori ball for his little sister, my lovely little niece, but I don’t have a photo of that… But that I knew from the beginning I would want to do for her. I guess that might become a kind of tradition for new babies in our family. :-)

Woolen Hooded Scarf GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone and a belated Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you had a good start into this new year.
Mine is much more tired than I would like it to be. My pregnancy has turned to its last trimester, my body is getting big, my energy is way lower than I would even like to admit and my mind would like to do so many things yet before the new little addition to our family will come and mix up things at home. Not to mention I might start thinking slowly about adjusting things at home to a new baby and getting things for him together. But I still feel like there’s a lot of time for that ’till April.
While it is still winter and it’s something you might want to use, I am announcing my next GIVEAWAY!
I´m giving away this cute little hoodie-scarf with ears!
So I admit, there is one pretty much just like that (probably) walking around the world. I hope nobody minds it is not quite a one-of-a-kind thing.
I got a little crazy before this Christmas and suddenly decided I would make a lot of our Christmas presents. I am not sure I should or really want to admit this here, but it was partly because we were not in a good financial place and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on presents, especially on which I didn’t know they would bring really joy or be useful. So I decided to make as many as possible. Some things I had to buy fabrics for, but some were made out of my stash of fabrics. And in the end I was actually glad I did DIY them. I’m not sure how they were perceived by those they were given to, sometimes I wonder if they weren’t seen as “cheap”, but to me they actually felt like they had a bigger value in the end. At least to me as a giver, because I did after all spend more thought on what and how to do them, given the energy into them to actually make them, put much more hope into them that the one it was given to would hopefully like them at least a little bit.
So anyway. Back to this hooded scarf.
I made one as a Christmas present for my 10 year old niece  I have not really seen in 4 years. I actually had no idea what to give her. And then I thought.. Well, this would be fun. Even I would think it’s fun to wear and I’m a grown up. Though I’m not sure if girls of 10 think it’s still fun. But hey, she doesn’t have to wear it if she doesn’t like it. I never got to hear if she does, we don’t live very near each other.
I bought this dark violet woolen fabric, which is kind of serious on it’s own, and for the inside a fluffy soooooft white plush, which breaks up the seriousnes and makes it pretty playful. Also, as you can see, I added those bear-ears, which makes it even more playful.
You might’ve noticed it’s a bit wonky on the front on the photo, but I already took care of it and fixed that, if you wonder.
I used the hoodie part of this Bimaa hoodie pattern which also has an additional ears pattern template you can download here, If you want.
Then I just made the sides of the hoodie longer to make a shawl out of it.
I added about 80 cm/ 32 inches to length and made them about 15 cm/6 inches wide. I wanted it to be long enough, so you could wrap it around nicely if you wanted to.
So when I finished the present, there was just enough fabric left to make another such. I thought I´d make one for Liv, but it is somewhat too big for her yet. Though it looks cute on her even big, I thought I´d rather give it to one of you who would like to make use of it :-)
Liv will be 3 years in two months and her head circumference is 50cm, just for approximate size reference. But since I made it originially for a 10 year old, there should be a wide enough range for anyone who might be interested in this little piece.
So let me know in the comments section here or on my Facebook page if you’d like to be the owner of this hoodie-shawl! You have time until the end of this week, that is until SATURDAY, 4.2.2017, on Sunday we will announce who the winner is of this GIVEAWAY.
Oh and just so you know. Even though it’s a bit big on Liv, her head was nice and warm when I took it off, even though it was an icy and windy day when I was making those photographs. So don’t worry if it should be big for your little one.
Have a beautiful winter!

Dresses To A Mint Wedding

Oh dear, time has stood still around here again for a bit. It seems almost hard to get it going again. But I will talk about the reasons why some other time. For now, I would just like to finish this post, I started a month or two ago… when it was still warm… so I might then just move on.


This summer my lovely cousin had her wedding. I was sewing trousers and a vest for her son which was out of the same fabric his father had his made. By the way, it was one of the most lovely woolen fabrics I’ve ever sewn with. It was a DREAM to do it! Unfortunately I do not have a photo of him to share yet.

What I can share with you are the dresses me and Liv wore to this wedding.


I knew she wanted the “theme” or rather colour of the wedding (decoration) to be mint. From something quite different I had done before this, I had a lot of mint fabrics at home. So, again last minute, after I was finished with the trousers and vest, I decided to make something for us too.


For myself I wanted something to be casual enough to be comfortable in for a whole afternoon-evening, but yet appropriate for a wedding and maybe a little bit different.


So I chose to make an off-white jersey pencil skirt, with the pattern from DeliaCreates, and this weird but cool asymmetric mint jersey shirt, which I drafted after another old shirt I had at home.

The jersey skirt pattern from Delia Creates fits perfectly, though I might have made it a size smaller yet. From her instructions it should have been even bigger and I was struggling a while to get it more or less right. But I guess, that’s due to my post-baby-figure, that never got back.


I had real luck with the fabric. I bought it while looking for something else and it was quite cheap and seemed nice so I just took it. It was really a quick decision in the moment, but I’m so glad for it, because it was just ideal for this skirt. The colour is really nice, an off-white that can be formal, but still can be matched up with casual stuff. It’s wonderfully soft to the touch, yet rather a thick jersey, so it holds a nice form and also has the advantage that it’s not at all see-through. Perfect for a skirt. Also, combined with the great patter from Delia, it was just a quickie to sew! What more does one want?


The mint jersey fabric for the shirt is a much softer, flowing one, which again was wonderful for the use of the shirt. Gave it a kind of waterfall-effect, which was really nice.


What I like about the pattern is it makes it look really almost like an ordinary shirt, but with an interesting twist on the sides, plus it is really nice and comfy, especially in summer, to have it so wide. And at the same time the mint colour adds the formal touch, making it, I think, fit enough for a wedding.


The neckline is actually rather wide and it needed something to make it hold better in place, which was a nice opportunity to add a nice little detail in the back. I actually used a different mint fabric, which I used for Liv’s dress and which is not stretchy. Luckily it’s in the same mint tone as the shirt’s fabric, though. Over this I added a piece of lace (can you see it on the photo?), which again I used for Liv’s dress. So not only does it add a nice accent, it actually was a direct link to my daughter’s dress and made it matching, though, not in such a clear way. Hah, insider information here.



So, to get to Liv’s dress, now that I’ve started talking about it.


For her, I made a simple mint A-line dress, with a stretchy off-white lace at the top.


As I mentioned before, I made her dress out of a different fabric. Not quite sure what exactly it is, because it’s been in my stash probably for years. I think it’s a cotton-poly-blend or something… It’s actually nice to touch, and it can be stretched a little bit actually, but otherwise is a bit firmer. First I wanted to make her dress out of the same jersey as my shirt, but it was too flow-y and falling for the simple A-line. So I took this fabric and it worked really well.


The stretchy lace fabric at the top not only adds a nice detail, but is also really useful. It makes it softer and more comfortable around the neck and shoulders, not only to wear, but also to dress and undress.



For the hems of the neckline and sleeves I used the soft jersey from my shirt. I admit, the combination of the stretchy, thin lace and the soft jersey was a bit slippery to sew… but worth the comfort, I think. Also, thanks to the stretch of both, I didn’t have to add any buttons or any other closure around the neck, which in the end saved me lots of time, energy, and made it super easy and quick to put on.


Yup, that’s about it.

See you (hopefully) soon(er) in a next post.

Our Matching Family Christmas Dresses

Ok, so this is a little bit crazy (during summer), but let’s talk about Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but somehow I always end up singing Christmas songs in the middle of summer. Maybe to turn my mind away from the heat? Or my head actually becomes overheated and starts acting crazy? Aaaaanyway…


I was jumping back and forth between writing this now and leaving it for winter season, when it actually would be more current. But the photos have been taken more or less recently, in a fully green garden, so it would be just as weird to post them in winter as it is to write about Christmas in summer, so why the heck wait.



So here we go. After helping my lovely cousin with her family matching outfits for Christmas, and probably sewing something else maybe as a gift (as if I would remember), I decided to make some quite last-minute family outfits for us.


Liv has a lovely red dress she got for her birthday. And since it is quite festive with its striking red lace (for photo see at the end of the post), it gets rather less worn than it would deserve. We’re not too much of the sort who wears a lot of sleek and fine clothes. Or who go too much to places or occasions where you would have to. So I didn’t want to make her a special Christmas dress, rather she should wear the red one. Therefore I had to find something to go with it. I might have made a bow for her head or something, but she pretty much refuses to wear any of such things on her head and they get thrown away very soon. (Not that I’d be into bows too much anyway, but for a little girl why not.)


Since it was winter, she would have to wear something underneath the skirt anyway, so I decided to go a bit punk and have her wear trousers with that posh dress. At least she’ll be able to wear them anytime during the year afterwards.



I made them really simple. Just something to put her legs into with an elastic waistband. You wouldn’t see any other details under the dress anyway. And a little kid doesn’t really need any pockets or the like, so why bother. Also I was short on time.


For my husband I made a raglan shirt, making the sleeves out of a thicker black jersey. This was to make it a) look more interesting and add a contrast, b) add comfort for him when wearing, c) to get by with the bought fabric.
This, dear reader, is not a questionnaire. I am simply giving you all the reasons at once. ;-)

My husband does not like being too dressed up, so again, making him a tie or bow or anything more sleek was not really an option. So I think this was a nice middle-way. It’s comfortable and simple enough and yet the green fabric makes it also look nice.


The fabric was something I bought also last-minute before doing it all. After deciding suddenly I would give it a try and make a family outfit for us, I went to a fabric store here in town- a few days before Christmas. I have to say, I did not expect a half-empty store. They were obviously pretty much sold out, restocking apparently only after Christmas. So even though, I had something a bit different in mind when I was going there, I just went with anything that would catch my eye, after getting in.

So obviously, I got out of there with the only thing that caught my eye- an emerald green fabric (with subtly black kind of checked stripes). For those of you who do not know me that much: emerald green is MY colour. I love greens, almost any shades and hues, and deep, dark, emerald green is the colour that will always catch my eye.


The fabric is probably a poly-blend, at least that’s what I’d guess by touch. As I said, since I didn’t have much choices, I just went with whatever I found.


As for me. I ended up with a simple knee-length dress, with short raglan sleeves, a wide neckline and a bit longer hem in the back.Why ever did I do that, I’m not sure anymore, just seemed like a fine idea at the time I guess.



I actually tried around with my own dress the most, not quite content with it until the very last minute, when I just decided it would be OK simple as it is. Somehow I wanted to make something more out of it, but time, energy left fabric and a too tired mind didn’t let me. In the end, I was actually happy that I’d left it as it was.


Whew. Enough said, I think. Here a photo from Christmas only to show you how we looked together and that we really had it on, haha.


Little Asymmetric Fairy Skirt


I have a little fairy at home.


From my very own fairy tale.

Which is quite different from what I would have thought it would be. But the things you do not expect in life usually turn out as the best.


Though she has something quite aristocratic about herself ever since she was born, she’s actually not quite the princess-y fairy as you would expect. She’s actually surprisingly punk.


Still, she is my fairy. Most of all when she wears that little skirt. Then she looks like a fairy in a skirt out of a flower. Tending tirelessly for her (or rather my parent’s) garden.

Hello there, plant, do you need some water?


Btw, these photos were again taken in a absolutely unprepared moment. Otherwise I probably would have tried to “style” her somewhat differently. Yet, I like her own version even more, with those adorable rainboots and the cat sweatshirt.


When Liv started to dress herself (more) – because it came on gradually, nevertheless it seems like a long time ago- I decided I should probably make a skirt for her. It seemed like an easier garment than trousers, in which after all you have to kind of get the legs right.


I made the skirt out of a pink fabric. Even though I am not usually that much into pink, it has a somewhat nice old pink tint. I would like to tell you more detailed what it is, but it’s been lying around for a while in my stash and I don’t remember anymore details. I think it is a cotton, ’cause I try to stay away from polyesters and such if I can. But it has a bit of a silky touch to it, and is even a little bit glossy from one side, so I’m not entirely sure what it’s made of, or what it is blended with. I could try the fire-test, though, heh.


It actually seemed a little too big when I was making it, and I should have listened to my instincts. Even after probably 6 months or so have past since I made it, and Liv has grown quite a bit in that time (at least in height), it is still a little on the bigger side. Not too big not to be wearable though, just a bit sliding down when she’s wearing it. But with her tiny waist, we’re rather used to that by now. At least it will last longer for her to wear.


Anyway, this was actually a “test version” and I am still planing on making more such skirts.


In case you wonder about the pattern, it’s really just two squares, laid on top of each other, plus a waistband. Nice’n’easy. With a pretty visual effect.


And the good thing about this skirt is she can put it on any way it comes into her hands. It has no front or back or upside or downside. Just any way is great.