Hello there and welcome to my blog. I am Zuzana and I started this blog to share my love to create with anyone who might be interested.


I love to sew. I have taught myself to sew when I was about 11 years old or so. At least that is when I made my first bright green wrap skirt on a sewing machine. But even before, I used to make clothes for dolls and tiny clothes for my Belleville Lego dolls (can you call lego figurines dolls?), because I would be irritated that they had to be in the same painted-on clothes all the time.
Nowadays I make anything from baby clothes (my new love since my daughter came to this world… isn’t it just awesome how fast they are done and how little fabric you need, since they are so small?!), everyday clothes (mostly for myself), evening dresses and bridal gowns, up to corsets and historical dresses, which are my great passion really (but I get to make them the least).

But I love to create other things too. Anything really. Toys for my daughter (oh, how I look forward to making doll houses and such when the time comes), decorations, tiny models, and anything DIY related.

However, my most wonderful creation so far has been my daughter Liv, this child of spring, who is my everyday inspiration in life and creating. Because no matter how tired I am in the end of the day, she makes me wanna push myself and do things…


In my life before my daughter, I have studied to be a stage and costume designer. Soon after I finished my Master’s degree I found out I was pregnant with this beautiful thing…

All the photos are made either by me or my wonderful professional photographer-sister Jana Machajdik.

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