Liv’s Princess Dress

Hello there again! It’s been a while since I last wrote, the imaginary pile in my head what I want to share is very high, and so I wanted to “open” after this long time with something grand.


The photos I made are not (all) as grand as I imagined, but I’m not going to wait any more for a better opportunity, or else this blog might just absolutely die off, if I wait for things to be perfect. :-) I already made my peace with things not being perfect anyway. And Liv is getting an awful habit of running away from me when I want to take pictures of her (in something I did), so it’s probably not going to get better. Sigh, I have to admit, I do know where she might have picked up that attitude towards camera lenses (finger pointing at myself). It’s a shame really, she is my most wonderful model :-)


Yup, that’s what I’m speaking about.


So here we are.


Liv has, probably in the last year or so, found great liking in dressing up, preferably as her favourite heroes from stories (so you can expect a series of costumes coming up if I keep it up!). Haha, nobody can guess who this dress is inspired by, right? Of course, me being a costume designer and a (hobby?) seamstress, I’m all in for making costumes for this little girl! Oh, I only wish I had more time (and energy) to do all the costumes she would like! That would be so much fun..


Ok, needless to say, I guess, this dress is a bit inspired by Cinderella. However, I didn’t want to make a replica of Disney’s Cinderella’s dress. I much rather wanted to make a dress that would be at least coming near to a historically (more) correct dress for a girl (for mid 19th century), which would only give her enough hints to be able to get away with also being a Cinderella dress just as much as any neutral princess or such. Also I have to admit, I am still dreaming of finishing that 1860s dress that I started doing long time ago and if would get to make it we could have a lovely historical picnic in a park…! If she doesn’t outgrow her dress before I get to ever do mine…. sigh.



(Haha, see that wonderful Cinderella’s shoe? This one’s not going to get missing so easily! Should have worn proper shoes too, Cinderella! ;-) They’re also much better for dancing, heh. Not to mention those lovely dotted socks!)

Speaking of outgrowing, this dress is actually a bit big for Liv yet, because I have done it a bit wider, so she might grow a bit into it, rather than outgrowing it too soon. However I  might have done it a bit too wide, and I will probably take a bit off from the bodice.


Overall I do not see the dress as being quite finished yet. I will presumably add some details and embellishments to it. After all, I did the whole thing in two kind of crazy night before Liv’s birthday (yes, this stupid habit of having to do something quite last minute).. But for now, we’re happy with it.


Pitty, I didn’t do a photo of the petticoat. I should add that later. I do like the details on the skirt, though.


Oh, I should say, Liv is wearing a shirt with long sleeves underneath, as it was a bit of a colder day that day… Those white sleeves are not part of the dress. Also all the rest of her styling is her own doing :-)