Welcome To This Strange Big World

Hello everyone. I have not written for a while. As you may have guessed, if you have been following me a little, the time has come for some rather big changes. Changes in our family. In the beginning of April, my tired body finally gave in and released a little miracle into this strange big world. Hello my dear little son, Sebastian.


Naturally, as you may imagine, my body is quite tired still. But in a very different way than when I was high-pregnant.

I would like to write about so many big and little things that have changed in the last three months since the arrival of this new little creature and yet I don’t know where to begin.

I am still just trying to get past the mist in my head from the never-ending carousel of breastfeeding, putting to sleep, preparing meals, changing diapers, going (or not going, depending on how successfull I am that day) outside, soothing a crying baby, soothing an angry/sad/hurt 3 year old, playing with kids, cleaning after kids, washing… You get it. You (probably) know it.

As tiresome as it may be, I enjoy it (almost) every minute. The wonderful innocent and honest smiles my little son is giving me. The precious moments when Liv wants me to join her in her game (and I can). The evenings when we lie down in bed and read a good night story… I could go on. All those precious little moments.

Liv is getting more and more independent, which is great of course, yet it makes me realize how little time I have to be in that special place for her. She (and he) will always be my most precious and favourite people in the world, yet I know, in a few years there will be other people much more important to them. A hard lesson that is.

Ah, I did not mean to become so depressing in this post, haha! :-) Sorry about that. Once again, it was just my train of thoughts.

So anyway. Thanks for being patient with me if you are following my blog. Things will settle down soon, hopefully. I will hopefully have more time and energy to make and write again soon. Thanks for following my blog.

And most of all, welcome, my dear little son.



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