Liv’s Triangle Pyjama

I have quite stopped looking for pyjamas for Liv, ever since she got potty trained. As I have mentioned before here and here, it is mainly because she hardly ever stays under her blanket during the night and I don’t like her belly being all bare as it usually happens with normal length pyjama shirts.


So instead I now automatically make my own ones when a new one is needed.


The great thing about pyjamas is I already have my patterns I use, and it’s very fast and simple to do. So they’re very satisfying to make. :-)

Also, Liv loves her pyjamas. And she often wants to stay in them all day if she could. Which makes it even more satisfying to see she likes what I have made for her.


The pattern of the long shirt/ gown is the same one I used for the Camping Bear Nightgown.

For the trousers I used the Mini Hudson Pant pattern, made by the lovely Kelli from True Bias. Only I left out the pockets, as they are not needed on pyjama pants.


It’s the second time I used the Mini Hudson Pant pattern and I love it. Just as I love the “big” version for women. Only again it was a little bit bigger than I thought would match Liv, so I had to adjust. But that’s most probably because I’m not too well familiar with the 2T/3T/… sizes.


Fabric-wise I used a beloved Art Gallery fabric from the Morning Walk collection, called Mojave Aloe. What can I say. It’s just wonderful. Somehow it was telling me from the beginning it would be an awesome pyjama fabric. And it is.


I paired it up with some nice yellow jersey I had at home.

That’s it for today. We love this pyjama. I should buy more fabric to make a matching pyjama for me…


Making a DIY Stamped Shawl With a Toddler

I love it when Liv gets in the mood of creating something together with me. Of course, when you’re creating something together with a toddler, you have to be more patient and forget about creating something “perfect”. Though, that is a very relative word, since for me something she has made is of course more perfect than anything else. I should rather say, don’t expect it to be “Pinterest-perfect”, as I have recently seen someone use.


Just today we have been with Liv at a kids-friendly cafe near us, where there was a young woman prepared to make paper flowers with kids who would be interested. Liv was. So she sat down with her and made one. I sat there, watching them and it stroke me then how I did not like her (the young woman’s) approach to working with kids. Sure, she was friendly and everything. But she did most of the work herself, not leaving much room for Liv to do anything. Maybe it was just that the project was for a bit older kids. Though, I would wonder she would choose something like that for a place where most kids are 3 and under, since above 3 usually kids go to kindergartens/preschool in the mornings, not to cafes with their moms. Or it might have been that she was a bit in a hurry since we were the last ones to do something there with her and then she put everything away and left. It seemed though like she was more worried to make a pretty flower that could be photographed into a crafts book, rather than letting children try to do it on their own (or with less help).


When you do something with kids, you have to learn to be (very) patient. (Little) kids (often) do take a long time to do something. Sure, they often have short attention spans, and you might have to remind them what you are going to do, or do a lot of it yourself in the end. Sometimes that’s how it works. Also, whatever you had on your mind you were doing, it will come out different than you had envisioned. Different does not mean worse. It’s just… different. :-) I admit, it does take me by surprise sometimes. Yet, I always love to see what that little mind of my daughter’s comes up with.


By my experience, it’s best to just let go of your visions and go with (more or less) whatever your child comes up with. The outcome might surprise you and you may like it even more, because you know (your) child (or whoever you are doing it with) has put some of their thoughts and ideas, a part of him or her, into it. And the child will like and enjoy it the more, because they are not just pushed into doing something but they were able to make their own choices and add their ideas to the project.

I do not mean to preach. I hope it did not come out like it. And if it did, I’m sorry. It was just a train of thoughts that came out of me after today’s experience.


My initial intention was to share with you something we did together. It was actually a Christmas present for my mother.

Mine was the idea. The outcome is Liv’s doing. It is quite different than I had envisioned. But I love it the more for it. I believe, my mother does too.


Liv did pretty much almost all of the choices. I basically helped her do it. She chose the fabric we would make the shawl out of. I just gave her a few to choose from. She sat with me behind the sewing machine, as we sewed together around the edges. She helped me push buttons on the sewing machine. (And change all the settings on my overlock machine, while being a bit bored while I was sewing, to make it more interesting for me the next time I would need to use the overlock.)


She chose a lot of the colours we used. Then we took the wooden stamps she got in one of her packages of her Advent Calendar and did the stamping together. I showed her how to use them, but then she did it pretty much on her own a lot of the time. Here and there I would help her. And in the meanwhile I added some on my own.

Liv also added her own drawings and signatures to it.


And in the end she chose what trim we would use for the short edges.


I would have chosen different ones for my mum. But does it matter? No. I would have done a lot of things differently if it was just me doing it. But I so love the outcome. I love that it was pretty much her doing.


Though there’s quite a list of things I would like to post about, today I just sit here in silence, letting my thoughts run free. Probably the only thing about me able to run around freely at this moment. Listening to my dog sleeping soundly beside me. Listening to the rain outside. Trying to put my feet up somehow on the chair I’m sitting on, wishing Liv’s little chair 2 meters away from me were a little bit closer, I could put them up on it. I will probably stand up and go get it in a while, but for this moment my pregnant body is too tired to move. So I let it rest for a moment longer.

One month to go. That is the mantra I am telling myself these days. Although I am not sure if I’m rather looking forward to getting rid of this big, tired, aching body I am dragging around these days, or more dreading all the changes it will bring to our humble little household.

No, of course, none of it will matter once I will hold that little (kicking monster) thing in my arms, which is still growing inside me. I know that already. I still remember how it felt when Liv was born. I still remember how it felt to loose a child. Any discomfort now is better than that.

Still, the only thing I can think of right now is, how tired I am. How many things I would like to do, to sort out, to make… Yet, I am sitting here not doing any of it.

In the wilderness, (some) animals that are pregnant and their time is coming, tend to leave the pack and find a place on their own to give birth. (Or so I’ve heard or read somewhere.) That’s how I’m feeling these days. Not sure what it means or if it’s just a natural instinct telling me this pregnancy is coming to an end soon.

Funny enough, I had no such feelings when I was pregnant for the first time with Liv. Or I don’t remember anything like it. But then again, I was home alone a lot that time and on the contrary I had to go out to be even with my husband, who is often working late into the night in our teahouse as long as there are customers.

In the meanwhile this time around I’m running around an (almost) 3 year old, trying to take care of every of her needs, having to entertain her, finding her activities, going out each day, meeting with other people (so she would not get sick of me) and so on. I’m literally around her 24/7. With little to no help most days.

I probably shouldn’t wonder I’m so tired these days. Truth is, my body does not handle it very well right now. And neither does my mind sometimes. It may sound harsh, but I just don’t feel like playing with her a lot these days. Or going out with her to places where there are a lot of people. I just want to hide in my cave. Also, I feel like I’m not enough for her plays right now anymore. But she so desperately wants me (or someone) to play with her. And she requires someone who can play and MOVE more than I can right now.
Doesn’t mean I love her any less of course. She’s still the light of my life.

Oh well, enough. I don’t want it to sound too much like self-pity. Just had to let my mind go a bit and ventilate a few things, I guess. A bit of my tiredness. A bit of my frustrations these days.