DIY Felt Indian Headbands

For about five minutes I was sitting there thinking about it, if it was OK to write Indian or if I should rather use Native American. Seriously. Then I just decided to leave it be. I hope nobody gets offended by it.


Liv is really getting into Role-Playing-Games lately. Indians, knights, princesses, ballet dancers, pirates, police,… anything, really.

One of her favourite (role playing) games is playing Indians with her dad, where they paint on their faces and catch some little toy animals which get to be tied to little poles with shoelaces. Ok, they’re not shoe-laces really, they’re actually meant for practicing putting beads on, but they look like it.


So, you may or more probably may not remember, when I wrote about the Advent Calendar I made for Liv this (last) year… well, for this Christmas… I wrote I had the intentions to sew something for at least one of the packages. Of course, I was putting it off until a day or two before she was going to open it, but I did it. And since the above described game is such a favourite, I made two headbands for her (and us).


I made them out of felt, since it is easy and quick to work with, you don’t need to finish edges or anything, it holds form well enough, but is yet something you don’t need to worry about when in use of little kids. It’s not easy to be crushed or damaged.

The colours I used were chosen on the go, really, whatever combination seemed pleasing to my eye at the moment. So one ended up being in earthy tones, the other one in a combination of blues and yellows. The lighter blue felts were too thin, though, so I had to put another one underneath. This way the headband is a little bit different from each side. The blue and yellow one is also Liv’s favourite.



I topstiched each “feather” to add a little bit of the feather-like texture, not because it would have been necessary (except the thin ones I had to make double-layered, as mentioned). In a minimalistic sense, of course, as you can see.


Liv has a head circumference that is 50cm/19.6inches. I used 20cm of elastic band (for each, of course), the rest is two felt stripes sewn together and the “feathers” in between. The feathers were drawn very much “from the eye” as I went, each a little bit different in size.


I’m happy to say it was one of her favourite packages from the Advent Calendar. :-)


And though, this little cousin is yet too small to play Indians with Liv, it’s surprisingly the only (usable) photo I have yet where you could see it on Liv’s head.


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