Blogiversary GIVEAWAY Winner

My dear readers! Here it is, my first anniversary of this blog (or Blogiversary as Lexi so nicely pointed out in the comments of my last post).

THANK YOU ALL again who read this blog. Makes it seem worthwhile writing. So a huge huge Thank you!

And now. As I promised… Our first GIVEAWAY!

I wanted to make this drawing of lots somewhat little bit special. Since we take most of our photos in my parent’s garden, the idea came to me to make paper origami flowers, where the names would be hidden.


Why ever did I come up with origami flowers? I have not made origami anything for YEARS! So sure, let’s torture myself a little bit with those little bit hard to understand instructions, haha.

It was fun, though. I tried around a few. First I made an Iris, then a Tulip, then I tried to understand some others, which were unfortunately not successful. So I came back to the Irises. Then I found out they would not go all into the vase as I wanted them to. So I made little Tulips instead.


Since I did not plan to be at my parent’s home for this whole thing, everything was a little more improvised than I thought it would be. Like the papers I used were just something I found around here. Yes… and everything else I used. Heh.

As I said before, Liv is the boss after all around here. She did not like my Irises stuck up in the pot.

Also she was in charge of filling the vase. I thought we might fill it with sand, but she decided leaves would be better. So be it!



Here’s the “filling” of the flowers with your names, participants!





Livi also decided to fill the vase with the Irises too.


But then we couldn’t get to the tulips with the names, so we had to take them out again.


So! The long awaited drawing of names! Here we go!





And the winner iiiiiiis….. Drumrollls….



The lovely Abigail, from the freckledfashionista, who wanted the Twig Shirt! Congratulations :-)
Hope it will serve you well!


And thank you all for participating in the GIVEAWAY!