Coming Up Anniversary GIVEAWAY

Soon enough I’ll be celebrating a special anniversary. On September 2nd it will be one year since I started this blog!


Quite a lot has happened this year. There are probably so much more posts than I thought there would be when I was starting it a year ago. And yet there are so many things I did not get to post about, or are still waiting for me to get to them.

I have to say, blogging is a lot more work than I expected. Not that I expected it would go without any effort, but it requires more than I really thought. You do something, you want to share it. So you need to get photos of it. And that is not quite as simple as I thought. At least taking pics of Liv I thought would be easy. But it’s not as easy. She’s not of the kind who will stand still for a photoshoot. That little kid moves around all the time (it can be quite a workout to run around trying to take a few shots of her, let me tell you), so a lot of the pictures taken that would be great are not sharp enough. But at least I can find her an activity (or she does herself) where I can follow her around and get here and there something. The worse part is if I need photos taken of myself. I do not own any system of taking my own photos, so I need someone to do that for me- my sis. So you need to make time, to find babysitters, not to mention the often awkward me in front of a camera.


If the photos are taken, phew. One part over. Here comes another: Go through them (usually many times), sort them, choose a few, if needed edit.
Then sit down (again), write something that makes at least a little sense (not always so easy as you might think, when you’re a mother of a little kid and only get to do all these things during sleep-times. If you don’t fall asleep yourself.).

Why am I writing all these things? Basically just to tell you THANK YOU. To all of you, who started following my blog during this year. To all of you who read my (tired) ramblings.

Even though I started this whole thing pretty much as something for me to track and remember the things I did (mostly for Liv), and also to share, it always feels great when I see somebody is reading it!

So. In celebrating this first milestone and in thanking everybody who comes to this blog I am doing my (probably long overdue) first GIVEAWAY.

Choose any of the things I have shared you like best and let me know in the comments either here or on Facebook. Also tell me what size you would like it in. And if you would like to change the colour, fabric or anything about it, to tailor it to your liking (ha, what a nice pun), don’t hesitate to add it in the comment.

You have time to let me know of your choice until September 1st. Share, if you feel like anybody else might like to join in this GIVEAWAY. Then my lovely assistant (or rather boss? Hmm.) will draw lots and we will announce the winner on September 2nd!

Have fun… and thank you!


7 thoughts on “Coming Up Anniversary GIVEAWAY

  1. Happy Anniversary! If I was lucky enough to win, I love your Twig Shirt, the style is beautiful. A size Small would be perfect, and any fabric is fine. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


  2. You have a beautiful daughter! Happy blogiversary to you. When it comes to shirts I tend to stick with dark colors so I envision like a olive green or black in size small nothing too crazy on designs.


  3. How fun for us followers !! I really love your mix of womens clothes for yourself and kids clothes that you share, I do the same thing on my blog.
    For the contest I a in love with the green cardigan for your dughter, perfect for fall. My daughter is 3 and looks about the same size as your sweety.
    Thanks so much.


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