Little Asymmetric Fairy Skirt


I have a little fairy at home.


From my very own fairy tale.

Which is quite different from what I would have thought it would be. But the things you do not expect in life usually turn out as the best.


Though she has something quite aristocratic about herself ever since she was born, she’s actually not quite the princess-y fairy as you would expect. She’s actually surprisingly punk.


Still, she is my fairy. Most of all when she wears that little skirt. Then she looks like a fairy in a skirt out of a flower. Tending tirelessly for her (or rather my parent’s) garden.

Hello there, plant, do you need some water?


Btw, these photos were again taken in a absolutely unprepared moment. Otherwise I probably would have tried to “style” her somewhat differently. Yet, I like her own version even more, with those adorable rainboots and the cat sweatshirt.


When Liv started to dress herself (more) – because it came on gradually, nevertheless it seems like a long time ago- I decided I should probably make a skirt for her. It seemed like an easier garment than trousers, in which after all you have to kind of get the legs right.


I made the skirt out of a pink fabric. Even though I am not usually that much into pink, it has a somewhat nice old pink tint. I would like to tell you more detailed what it is, but it’s been lying around for a while in my stash and I don’t remember anymore details. I think it is a cotton, ’cause I try to stay away from polyesters and such if I can. But it has a bit of a silky touch to it, and is even a little bit glossy from one side, so I’m not entirely sure what it’s made of, or what it is blended with. I could try the fire-test, though, heh.


It actually seemed a little too big when I was making it, and I should have listened to my instincts. Even after probably 6 months or so have past since I made it, and Liv has grown quite a bit in that time (at least in height), it is still a little on the bigger side. Not too big not to be wearable though, just a bit sliding down when she’s wearing it. But with her tiny waist, we’re rather used to that by now. At least it will last longer for her to wear.


Anyway, this was actually a “test version” and I am still planing on making more such skirts.


In case you wonder about the pattern, it’s really just two squares, laid on top of each other, plus a waistband. Nice’n’easy. With a pretty visual effect.


And the good thing about this skirt is she can put it on any way it comes into her hands. It has no front or back or upside or downside. Just any way is great.




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