Little Forest Green Cardigan

We are half-way through summer and I always feel like the second half is more bearable to live through than the first half. I admit it, I am not taking the big heat very well. Not to mention here in the city, where it accumulates and it seems like there’s no escape from it. There is something nice in late summer, though. Whether it only takes me long to adjust to the heats, or they become more tolerable, or it’s just because there’s usually more summer rains and storms which I love… or the magic of late summer evenings with their long shadows.

Or is it just that today it’s raining, so I am more optimistic?


I do think, though, that I should have a summer residence somewhere far away from the city, somewhere in the middle of nature, in the forests. Haha. Seriously, though. Summer is always so much more bearable there, so much more love-able for me. That’s where I finally take a breath.


Last week I went camping with Liv for the first time. Besides that it was awesome and Liv loved it too, it was also my so much needed take of breath. Just what I was longing for.
The beautiful forest around us, hunting the cutest tiniest frogs I’ve ever seen on the meadow, Liv (and other kids) playing in the stream, sleeping in a tent, sitting by the fire in the evening… I could go on and on.



What does it have to do with my blog, you ask? Right you are. Before we went camping, I’ve started doing a thin summer-cardigan for Liv. Something that is usually done within an evening now took me about two weeks, where little by little I always did something and then it stood still again, because I just wasn’t in the mood or too tired, or I was too undecided how to make it, or I started watching a film while sewing (which I like to do) and I stopped sewing… and so on. What can I tell you. Summer. My summer-lazy-sleepiness. Also, it was too hot for a sweater or cardigan anyway, so there was no hurry in doing it.


I did feel like it could come in handy when camping though, so I finally finished it shortly before. And it did. It was cooler than I expected most days. So I was glad I made it.



Basically I used the pattern I made for Liv’s Little Hippu sweater. It still fits, so I made only minor adjustments in length and making a front with buttons. I’ve wanted to make a cardigan for Liv for some time, feeling like it would be handy sometimes to have something with long sleeves, but which can be left open if not so chilly yet. Well, I’m sure you all know cardigans and their uses, so why-ever am I typing this.


For some reason I just really wanted to put those shoulder patches on it, ever since I started making it. I tried around with other colours and fabrics for a bit, but always came  back to the black ones, even though I was a bit worried it might look too…stern… for a little kid. I do feel like it gives it a bit of a military vibe at times, but I actually love it now!


As for the buttons, I just used something I had at home. I would have used some smaller ones, if I went shopping, but since I was finishing last minute before going camping, I just went with what I had at home.


Fun fact: I actually sewed them on back side up. For some reason I just liked it this way better, leaving them flat and smooth in the front. Also, the seventh is a different button. But I don’t think anyone will ever notice unless I tell them. Muhehe.


Oh, yeah. Fabric. I ordered a Forest-green Bio-Sweat. Some time ago. So this is what came. It’s a little bit different than I expected but I like it nevertheless. How theme-like it came to be while camping. :-) The shoulder patches and sleeve-hems are a thin black jersey I had at home. Actually, the same one I used for the Little Hippu sweater.


Oh and by the way, those photos came to be very spontaneously one early morning last week, while everybody else was yet sleeping (or only getting up). Absolutely not prepared, not staged, messy, freshly came out of the tent, hunting frogs, collecting flowers and watching raindrops on leaves. This is my summer-dream.




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