Coming Up Anniversary GIVEAWAY

Soon enough I’ll be celebrating a special anniversary. On September 2nd it will be one year since I started this blog!


Quite a lot has happened this year. There are probably so much more posts than I thought there would be when I was starting it a year ago. And yet there are so many things I did not get to post about, or are still waiting for me to get to them.

I have to say, blogging is a lot more work than I expected. Not that I expected it would go without any effort, but it requires more than I really thought. You do something, you want to share it. So you need to get photos of it. And that is not quite as simple as I thought. At least taking pics of Liv I thought would be easy. But it’s not as easy. She’s not of the kind who will stand still for a photoshoot. That little kid moves around all the time (it can be quite a workout to run around trying to take a few shots of her, let me tell you), so a lot of the pictures taken that would be great are not sharp enough. But at least I can find her an activity (or she does herself) where I can follow her around and get here and there something. The worse part is if I need photos taken of myself. I do not own any system of taking my own photos, so I need someone to do that for me- my sis. So you need to make time, to find babysitters, not to mention the often awkward me in front of a camera.


If the photos are taken, phew. One part over. Here comes another: Go through them (usually many times), sort them, choose a few, if needed edit.
Then sit down (again), write something that makes at least a little sense (not always so easy as you might think, when you’re a mother of a little kid and only get to do all these things during sleep-times. If you don’t fall asleep yourself.).

Why am I writing all these things? Basically just to tell you THANK YOU. To all of you, who started following my blog during this year. To all of you who read my (tired) ramblings.

Even though I started this whole thing pretty much as something for me to track and remember the things I did (mostly for Liv), and also to share, it always feels great when I see somebody is reading it!

So. In celebrating this first milestone and in thanking everybody who comes to this blog I am doing my (probably long overdue) first GIVEAWAY.

Choose any of the things I have shared you like best and let me know in the comments either here or on Facebook. Also tell me what size you would like it in. And if you would like to change the colour, fabric or anything about it, to tailor it to your liking (ha, what a nice pun), don’t hesitate to add it in the comment.

You have time to let me know of your choice until September 1st. Share, if you feel like anybody else might like to join in this GIVEAWAY. Then my lovely assistant (or rather boss? Hmm.) will draw lots and we will announce the winner on September 2nd!

Have fun… and thank you!


Our Matching Family Christmas Dresses

Ok, so this is a little bit crazy (during summer), but let’s talk about Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but somehow I always end up singing Christmas songs in the middle of summer. Maybe to turn my mind away from the heat? Or my head actually becomes overheated and starts acting crazy? Aaaaanyway…


I was jumping back and forth between writing this now and leaving it for winter season, when it actually would be more current. But the photos have been taken more or less recently, in a fully green garden, so it would be just as weird to post them in winter as it is to write about Christmas in summer, so why the heck wait.



So here we go. After helping my lovely cousin with her family matching outfits for Christmas, and probably sewing something else maybe as a gift (as if I would remember), I decided to make some quite last-minute family outfits for us.


Liv has a lovely red dress she got for her birthday. And since it is quite festive with its striking red lace (for photo see at the end of the post), it gets rather less worn than it would deserve. We’re not too much of the sort who wears a lot of sleek and fine clothes. Or who go too much to places or occasions where you would have to. So I didn’t want to make her a special Christmas dress, rather she should wear the red one. Therefore I had to find something to go with it. I might have made a bow for her head or something, but she pretty much refuses to wear any of such things on her head and they get thrown away very soon. (Not that I’d be into bows too much anyway, but for a little girl why not.)


Since it was winter, she would have to wear something underneath the skirt anyway, so I decided to go a bit punk and have her wear trousers with that posh dress. At least she’ll be able to wear them anytime during the year afterwards.



I made them really simple. Just something to put her legs into with an elastic waistband. You wouldn’t see any other details under the dress anyway. And a little kid doesn’t really need any pockets or the like, so why bother. Also I was short on time.


For my husband I made a raglan shirt, making the sleeves out of a thicker black jersey. This was to make it a) look more interesting and add a contrast, b) add comfort for him when wearing, c) to get by with the bought fabric.
This, dear reader, is not a questionnaire. I am simply giving you all the reasons at once. ;-)

My husband does not like being too dressed up, so again, making him a tie or bow or anything more sleek was not really an option. So I think this was a nice middle-way. It’s comfortable and simple enough and yet the green fabric makes it also look nice.


The fabric was something I bought also last-minute before doing it all. After deciding suddenly I would give it a try and make a family outfit for us, I went to a fabric store here in town- a few days before Christmas. I have to say, I did not expect a half-empty store. They were obviously pretty much sold out, restocking apparently only after Christmas. So even though, I had something a bit different in mind when I was going there, I just went with anything that would catch my eye, after getting in.

So obviously, I got out of there with the only thing that caught my eye- an emerald green fabric (with subtly black kind of checked stripes). For those of you who do not know me that much: emerald green is MY colour. I love greens, almost any shades and hues, and deep, dark, emerald green is the colour that will always catch my eye.


The fabric is probably a poly-blend, at least that’s what I’d guess by touch. As I said, since I didn’t have much choices, I just went with whatever I found.


As for me. I ended up with a simple knee-length dress, with short raglan sleeves, a wide neckline and a bit longer hem in the back.Why ever did I do that, I’m not sure anymore, just seemed like a fine idea at the time I guess.



I actually tried around with my own dress the most, not quite content with it until the very last minute, when I just decided it would be OK simple as it is. Somehow I wanted to make something more out of it, but time, energy left fabric and a too tired mind didn’t let me. In the end, I was actually happy that I’d left it as it was.


Whew. Enough said, I think. Here a photo from Christmas only to show you how we looked together and that we really had it on, haha.


Little Asymmetric Fairy Skirt


I have a little fairy at home.


From my very own fairy tale.

Which is quite different from what I would have thought it would be. But the things you do not expect in life usually turn out as the best.


Though she has something quite aristocratic about herself ever since she was born, she’s actually not quite the princess-y fairy as you would expect. She’s actually surprisingly punk.


Still, she is my fairy. Most of all when she wears that little skirt. Then she looks like a fairy in a skirt out of a flower. Tending tirelessly for her (or rather my parent’s) garden.

Hello there, plant, do you need some water?


Btw, these photos were again taken in a absolutely unprepared moment. Otherwise I probably would have tried to “style” her somewhat differently. Yet, I like her own version even more, with those adorable rainboots and the cat sweatshirt.


When Liv started to dress herself (more) – because it came on gradually, nevertheless it seems like a long time ago- I decided I should probably make a skirt for her. It seemed like an easier garment than trousers, in which after all you have to kind of get the legs right.


I made the skirt out of a pink fabric. Even though I am not usually that much into pink, it has a somewhat nice old pink tint. I would like to tell you more detailed what it is, but it’s been lying around for a while in my stash and I don’t remember anymore details. I think it is a cotton, ’cause I try to stay away from polyesters and such if I can. But it has a bit of a silky touch to it, and is even a little bit glossy from one side, so I’m not entirely sure what it’s made of, or what it is blended with. I could try the fire-test, though, heh.


It actually seemed a little too big when I was making it, and I should have listened to my instincts. Even after probably 6 months or so have past since I made it, and Liv has grown quite a bit in that time (at least in height), it is still a little on the bigger side. Not too big not to be wearable though, just a bit sliding down when she’s wearing it. But with her tiny waist, we’re rather used to that by now. At least it will last longer for her to wear.


Anyway, this was actually a “test version” and I am still planing on making more such skirts.


In case you wonder about the pattern, it’s really just two squares, laid on top of each other, plus a waistband. Nice’n’easy. With a pretty visual effect.


And the good thing about this skirt is she can put it on any way it comes into her hands. It has no front or back or upside or downside. Just any way is great.



Little Forest Green Cardigan

We are half-way through summer and I always feel like the second half is more bearable to live through than the first half. I admit it, I am not taking the big heat very well. Not to mention here in the city, where it accumulates and it seems like there’s no escape from it. There is something nice in late summer, though. Whether it only takes me long to adjust to the heats, or they become more tolerable, or it’s just because there’s usually more summer rains and storms which I love… or the magic of late summer evenings with their long shadows.

Or is it just that today it’s raining, so I am more optimistic?


I do think, though, that I should have a summer residence somewhere far away from the city, somewhere in the middle of nature, in the forests. Haha. Seriously, though. Summer is always so much more bearable there, so much more love-able for me. That’s where I finally take a breath.


Last week I went camping with Liv for the first time. Besides that it was awesome and Liv loved it too, it was also my so much needed take of breath. Just what I was longing for.
The beautiful forest around us, hunting the cutest tiniest frogs I’ve ever seen on the meadow, Liv (and other kids) playing in the stream, sleeping in a tent, sitting by the fire in the evening… I could go on and on.



What does it have to do with my blog, you ask? Right you are. Before we went camping, I’ve started doing a thin summer-cardigan for Liv. Something that is usually done within an evening now took me about two weeks, where little by little I always did something and then it stood still again, because I just wasn’t in the mood or too tired, or I was too undecided how to make it, or I started watching a film while sewing (which I like to do) and I stopped sewing… and so on. What can I tell you. Summer. My summer-lazy-sleepiness. Also, it was too hot for a sweater or cardigan anyway, so there was no hurry in doing it.


I did feel like it could come in handy when camping though, so I finally finished it shortly before. And it did. It was cooler than I expected most days. So I was glad I made it.



Basically I used the pattern I made for Liv’s Little Hippu sweater. It still fits, so I made only minor adjustments in length and making a front with buttons. I’ve wanted to make a cardigan for Liv for some time, feeling like it would be handy sometimes to have something with long sleeves, but which can be left open if not so chilly yet. Well, I’m sure you all know cardigans and their uses, so why-ever am I typing this.


For some reason I just really wanted to put those shoulder patches on it, ever since I started making it. I tried around with other colours and fabrics for a bit, but always came  back to the black ones, even though I was a bit worried it might look too…stern… for a little kid. I do feel like it gives it a bit of a military vibe at times, but I actually love it now!


As for the buttons, I just used something I had at home. I would have used some smaller ones, if I went shopping, but since I was finishing last minute before going camping, I just went with what I had at home.


Fun fact: I actually sewed them on back side up. For some reason I just liked it this way better, leaving them flat and smooth in the front. Also, the seventh is a different button. But I don’t think anyone will ever notice unless I tell them. Muhehe.


Oh, yeah. Fabric. I ordered a Forest-green Bio-Sweat. Some time ago. So this is what came. It’s a little bit different than I expected but I like it nevertheless. How theme-like it came to be while camping. :-) The shoulder patches and sleeve-hems are a thin black jersey I had at home. Actually, the same one I used for the Little Hippu sweater.


Oh and by the way, those photos came to be very spontaneously one early morning last week, while everybody else was yet sleeping (or only getting up). Absolutely not prepared, not staged, messy, freshly came out of the tent, hunting frogs, collecting flowers and watching raindrops on leaves. This is my summer-dream.