Shirt With Twigs And A Green Stripe

A different post is waiting half-written which I wanted to post these days, but I’m still processing the photos and it’s getting on rather slowly because I can’t seem to concentrate on it right now. So I thought, I might boost my mood with rather posting this meanwhile. :-)


I bought the fabric last autumn. The bare twigs and branches on the jersey give it rather a bit autumn-y touch (but not too much not to be able to wear it all year long), I guess that’s why I bought it then. But then I was always working on something else and so it stayed on the fabric stash for a few months. It was some time between winter and spring that I was rather in need of a nice, comfortable shirt I could wear both at home and anywhere else, really, when I took it out again and made it into.. well, a shirt, just as I have described it right now.


There’s a pattern in my collection, I made already some time ago from a shirt I already own and which I really like and feel comfortable in. So I took that. I adjusted the neckline a bit, because I know from a previous project I did, it came out a bit too big. (Though, on the original shirt it’s just fine. Maybe I drafted it wrong?).


I made it with elbow-length- sleeves, because that’s justhow I like it best. That way it’s good for winter, spring and autumn, or rather, as long as it doesn’t get too hot. Even if I have a shirt with long sleeves, I aaaalways roll it up to my elbows. Pretty much always, sooner or later during the day. It’s just much more practical.


As much as I like the twigs pattern on the fabric, when you make a whole shirt out of it, it feels a little boring. I just felt like I really had to break it up somehow.


That’s how the green stripe in the middle of the back came to be. Like a little surprise when you turn around. I kinda love it!

Not so boring any more, huh?


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