Hudson Pants + Bear Shirt

Oh my, oh my. All the things I want to share I’ve been doing for the past few months(!) are piling up again. It seems this kind of beginning of a post is becoming all too frequent. And yet, here we go again. I spent all the time sewing or doing other stuff, not finding the time or nerve or whatever it is to sit down and write something. And the seasons change again and it seems awkwardly late to write about shirts and things I’ve been doing this spring (or winter! Argh!).

I was never good writing diaries or the like, either. I could never keep a day to day journal and time always flew by until I would write again. But, oh well, it’s not like it matters too much.

Never mind.

I’ve wanted to sew a pair of those lovely Hudson Pants, I’ve been reading all around blogs about. And I have to say I love them! They are wonderful to wear, comfortable, yet nice.


Yes, ever since I am a mom, like so many others, I too have gone through a change, starting to appreciate more the functional, comfortable, easy clothes. And as I have (I think) mentioned before, I am experimenting a bit with patterns on fabric. And I have come to love asymmetric lines. But now I’m going a bit farther with this than I wanted.


Anyway. Hudson Pants. Love them. What else is there to say?

Kelli from True Bias has made a truly great pattern. Though, I didn’t know what size I was in American sizing charts, so I measured myself, but then I had to go 2 sizes (I think) smaller than it showed me… But that’s OK. It was pretty easy to make it smaller. Still easier, than trying to make it bigger than you’ve cut it..

(I’ve also made the Mini version, which I guess I love even more… but that’s just spoiler alert for some other time, hehe.)

Fabric-wise I have chosen an Art Gallery jersey fabric, with the lovely name of Shore Remains Trinkets. I was in a mood for mustard yellow… I guess that was due to the spring. :-)
Love the fabric, so soft and great to wear!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing another pair of Hudson Pants soon.


I’ve also made this shirt with geometric Bears! It’s probably one of those things I did yet in winter. Argh. Took me so long to post about. I don’t even remember anymore when I did it.

I had this cute Bio-Sweat fabric, Camping Bear (green) and I was in need of some winter shirts.. And I saw a pattern in BurdaStyle, which seemed nice, so I did that.


Only I did some changes to it. I basically left out the part at the bottom that seems to stick out underneath. And I made it with only elbow-long sleeves. I was a bit scarce of fabric and it seemed not to make much sense with the pattern on it and considering it was a sweat fabric, not jersey as it should be for the pattern, it seemed to thick to get the result for that anyway. And then there’s the simple fact that I usually roll up my sleeves to my elbows, if they are longer, so the effect of it would get lost anyway.


The neckline seems to be a little weird, standing up as it does. But since I’m too lazy to repair, change or do something with it, I just got used to it.

Oh yeah, and I also made high-low seam at the bottom. I guess you can see that on many things I sew lately. It’s just so practical! No bare back popping out when you bow down, etc. Especially for winter and any other time it’s chillier outside.. (Yes, not exactly that you’d be looking for that kind of thing right now, since summer has finally arrived with all its glory and temperatures…)


Another spoiler alert. I used some rest fabrics from this to make a pyjama for Liv. We actually love that one even more! Coming soon (hopefully) ;-)


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