DIY Baby Doll Stroller Make Over II

Yes, that’s right. Liv has another stroller. And I had to do a make over for this one too. Because I just couldn’t leave it as it was, because… well, because that’s me, I guess. No, seriously, let me explain.


This one was a gift for Liv from my mom and it’s super cute, I think. The only thing was… I just kind of hated the fabric that the inside was made of. Not only the design, which I could have let it pass… with both eyes closed… but, ok, I mean gooses are nice for kids, right? I guess. Then the kind of aggressive red on the background and on the wheels. Ok, maybe I could still let it go. But to top it all off, and that’s the part that made crazy most of all, the fabric was horrible to touch. No, really. And I’m not at all a very sensitive person to such things. Ok, maybe since I sew more and more, I’ve grown to love more everything that is nice and soft to the touch… But it’s not something I would be obsessed with or something. So when I say the fabric was hard, scratchy and unpleasant… then, it must have been really… not nice.

That’s the before version

The same goes for that trim of the cover. Just as unpleasant to touch as the fabric. What on earth are they using?!

Therefore, I’ve resolved to make a new cover very soon after we got it.


When I went through fabrics I had at home, this one was almost immediately my favourite to go with. But I actually let Liv decide. She loves to be able to choose fabrics to sew with… (as long as she isn’t engaged into doing something else at the moment… in which case, she couldn’t care less :-) )



I gave her two fabrics to choose from. And was happy when she chose the one I liked best too.


So, I took off the old cover. Carefully cut it up along seams, so I could trace it. And remade a pretty much exact copy… Except in a much prettier and softer and nicer fabric, of course, heh.



Since I was repainting the other stroller, I took this one right with it. The aggressive red on the wheels just had to go. Originally I went just for creme wheels. But since I used it almost all up to mix the other colours, a hint of blue found it’s way onto my brush when I was doing the second layer, which gave it a slight mint colour. And since I didn’t have almost any untouched creme colour anymore that could cover it, I just had to go with it and get all the wheels mint.


I’m not complaining, though. I like it as it turned out. Though it’s not a greenish mint as the green on the fabric, it’s actually pretty much the blueish mint like the sheep-buttons holding the strings of the brim.


Apropos the sheep buttons. Originally there were other buttons attached to the stroller. I have carefully put them aside to put them back on when the new cover will be ready. Only it took me quite a long time until I sat down to sew the new cover. I don’t know how long it’s been. A month for sure, probably more- a few months. They’ve been sitting on my working table all the time, being a lot in my way. Suddenly, when I was finally sewing it, they disappeared. No matter how much I looked, I just couldn’t find them.



So I had to sew on other buttons. And since we were looking for something else to go on the stroller (with Liv’s help, of course… my loyal little helper), we decided to go with something fun. Like those sheep, which she adores. And I adore her. So, easy choice there, really. ;-)

This photo was made by Liv!

No, actually they went quite nicely with it. And she always says “the sheep are holding the strings” which is pretty cute I think.


I like how it’s become quite the eye catcher and kids usually want to play with it when they come to visit or are around it.


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