DIY Baby Doll Stroller Make Over

After Liv was born (or rather, some time after she started to walk and it started being interesting for her), my mom brought our old babydoll stroller out of the cellar. I’m not entirely sure when we got it, but I think it was me who got it as a little kid and me and my younger sister definitely played with it.


I am really exited my mom kept it all this time. Now it’s Liv’s time to play with it.


While I am really happy, she’s playing with my old toys, I wanted to give it a little retouch. I was never a great fan of the colour pink. Ok, maybe I can’t say never.. Maybe I did like it when I was little. But I don’t remember it, nor ever having it as my favourite colour. Though, I admit I am getting more appreciative of the colour those past few years, especially since I have a daughter. Still, there is such a thing as too much pink for me. And this old stroller of ours is kinda in that zone (or at least on the edge of it).


Sooo. I really wanted to make a little make-over. I had this cotton patchwork fabric by Riley Blake (Priscilla Damask green) at home which I absolutely looove and I wanted to use it for something for… well, ever since I bought it, ha.


It seemed to just fit into the idea of being the new fabric seat in the stroller. It’s modern, yet it gives it a romantic touch… kind of what I like to go for with things for Liv most of the times, I guess. Yes, yes, though I like to deny it, I guess the little romantic in me has to show it’s part on things..


To make a new fabric seat, I just took out the old one, traced it onto the new fabric and just basically duplicated how it was done. I just added extra straps for behind, so that I could fasten the seat to the construction and it wouldn’t fall off so much, as the old one did.


The colours of repainting the construction of the stroller were then based on the ornaments of the fabric. Though it is now rather in “boy-ish” colours, the romantic touch of the fabric makes it still girlish enough, I think. And then, I always liked to burst those boy/girl stereotypes.

Everything that has wheels in our household gets to get repaired at least a few times a day by our little mechanic…

It came handy here to have a lot of (eco-friendly) colours for wood and metal from the painting of those sorting bowls I made for Liv’s birthday. Just what I needed. I mixed the shades I used from those basic colours I had.


Liv wasn’t that happy about the blue and green colours, though. She said she didn’t like it. At least the morning after I made it, when she saw it for the first time. Now she doesn’t seem like she minds. It’s not that she would miss the pink either. When I asked her what colour she would like it to be instead, she said yellow. Hm. So we’ll see, maybe this stroller might get another makeover some time soon… when I won’t know what else to do. ;-)


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