DIY Colour Sorting Bowls With Acorns

I’ve been in love with colour sorting bowls like this one (especially those with acorns) for some time now and I wanted to buy some long ago for Liv on Etsy. I would not mind the price (since I think it is good to appreciate people who do good stuff, honest crafts with a good price… (but that’s another story)), but when you add shipping costs to it which are more than the item itself, it gets to be a pretty expensive toy. So let’s make one ourselves, right?


I was looking for nice wooden bowls for a long time, but they were usually quite expensive. Or at least those I found. But then I came upon these metal ones at a H&M Home sale for about 2-3 euros. Though they are different than what I originally had in mind, they are OK too and so I just went with it. I like them enough to wanna use them and at least I’m not sorry to paint them over.

DSC05301  DSC05295

So when Liv’s birthday was coming up, it was finally time to get them done.


It was also a good time, because I’ve noticed she started to be interested in sorting, and sometimes even by colour. ;-)


I bought the wooden acorns here on Etsy. At least the shipping for those wasn’t too much, since they could be sent as a mail-package. Love them, by the way! Just the size I wanted, beautifully made.


It was important to me to get some eco-friendly and kid-friendly colours for the whole project. Luckily they were not hard to find, they had some at a paint shop near us. They didn’t have a big range of hues, though, just some basic ones so I did a little mixing at home when painting. I actually played around for quite a bit to get a shade I was satisfied with.


Funny thing is, about a week later after I made those sorting bowls, my mom told me she bought me some wooden ones, because she knew I’ve been looking for some for quite some time. They are really beautiful though, so I’m sure we’ll find a use for them too! :-)


Also, a month later I saw some wooden bowls at IKEA, that I could have used. But, meh, whatever. It’s done now. At least those from the sale were cheaper, ha.


Anyway. Liv really liked them. It only took me a bit of explaining why we’re not going to repaint them (just now), since she saw the bowls before I painted them… She caught me unprepared there. Well, I guess it does have it’s downsides if you do painting projects with your little daughter on different things.. It can get hard to explain when and why we paint sometimes on some things and when (and why) not.


She loves the acorns. And she added some buttons to the bowls right away. Sweet girl and her love for buttons. They don’t match the colours quite, though, when she’s in a colour-sorting-mood and she doesn’t acknowledge as pink being similar to red yet. Not even light-green to the darker green bowl. But that’s OK. I still love that she’s just playing around with it from time to time, with whatever improvements she comes up with!




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