DIY Baby Doll Stroller Make Over II

Yes, that’s right. Liv has another stroller. And I had to do a make over for this one too. Because I just couldn’t leave it as it was, because… well, because that’s me, I guess. No, seriously, let me explain.


This one was a gift for Liv from my mom and it’s super cute, I think. The only thing was… I just kind of hated the fabric that the inside was made of. Not only the design, which I could have let it pass… with both eyes closed… but, ok, I mean gooses are nice for kids, right? I guess. Then the kind of aggressive red on the background and on the wheels. Ok, maybe I could still let it go. But to top it all off, and that’s the part that made crazy most of all, the fabric was horrible to touch. No, really. And I’m not at all a very sensitive person to such things. Ok, maybe since I sew more and more, I’ve grown to love more everything that is nice and soft to the touch… But it’s not something I would be obsessed with or something. So when I say the fabric was hard, scratchy and unpleasant… then, it must have been really… not nice.

That’s the before version

The same goes for that trim of the cover. Just as unpleasant to touch as the fabric. What on earth are they using?!

Therefore, I’ve resolved to make a new cover very soon after we got it.


When I went through fabrics I had at home, this one was almost immediately my favourite to go with. But I actually let Liv decide. She loves to be able to choose fabrics to sew with… (as long as she isn’t engaged into doing something else at the moment… in which case, she couldn’t care less :-) )



I gave her two fabrics to choose from. And was happy when she chose the one I liked best too.


So, I took off the old cover. Carefully cut it up along seams, so I could trace it. And remade a pretty much exact copy… Except in a much prettier and softer and nicer fabric, of course, heh.



Since I was repainting the other stroller, I took this one right with it. The aggressive red on the wheels just had to go. Originally I went just for creme wheels. But since I used it almost all up to mix the other colours, a hint of blue found it’s way onto my brush when I was doing the second layer, which gave it a slight mint colour. And since I didn’t have almost any untouched creme colour anymore that could cover it, I just had to go with it and get all the wheels mint.


I’m not complaining, though. I like it as it turned out. Though it’s not a greenish mint as the green on the fabric, it’s actually pretty much the blueish mint like the sheep-buttons holding the strings of the brim.


Apropos the sheep buttons. Originally there were other buttons attached to the stroller. I have carefully put them aside to put them back on when the new cover will be ready. Only it took me quite a long time until I sat down to sew the new cover. I don’t know how long it’s been. A month for sure, probably more- a few months. They’ve been sitting on my working table all the time, being a lot in my way. Suddenly, when I was finally sewing it, they disappeared. No matter how much I looked, I just couldn’t find them.



So I had to sew on other buttons. And since we were looking for something else to go on the stroller (with Liv’s help, of course… my loyal little helper), we decided to go with something fun. Like those sheep, which she adores. And I adore her. So, easy choice there, really. ;-)

This photo was made by Liv!

No, actually they went quite nicely with it. And she always says “the sheep are holding the strings” which is pretty cute I think.


I like how it’s become quite the eye catcher and kids usually want to play with it when they come to visit or are around it.


DIY Baby Doll Stroller Make Over

After Liv was born (or rather, some time after she started to walk and it started being interesting for her), my mom brought our old babydoll stroller out of the cellar. I’m not entirely sure when we got it, but I think it was me who got it as a little kid and me and my younger sister definitely played with it.


I am really exited my mom kept it all this time. Now it’s Liv’s time to play with it.


While I am really happy, she’s playing with my old toys, I wanted to give it a little retouch. I was never a great fan of the colour pink. Ok, maybe I can’t say never.. Maybe I did like it when I was little. But I don’t remember it, nor ever having it as my favourite colour. Though, I admit I am getting more appreciative of the colour those past few years, especially since I have a daughter. Still, there is such a thing as too much pink for me. And this old stroller of ours is kinda in that zone (or at least on the edge of it).


Sooo. I really wanted to make a little make-over. I had this cotton patchwork fabric by Riley Blake (Priscilla Damask green) at home which I absolutely looove and I wanted to use it for something for… well, ever since I bought it, ha.


It seemed to just fit into the idea of being the new fabric seat in the stroller. It’s modern, yet it gives it a romantic touch… kind of what I like to go for with things for Liv most of the times, I guess. Yes, yes, though I like to deny it, I guess the little romantic in me has to show it’s part on things..


To make a new fabric seat, I just took out the old one, traced it onto the new fabric and just basically duplicated how it was done. I just added extra straps for behind, so that I could fasten the seat to the construction and it wouldn’t fall off so much, as the old one did.


The colours of repainting the construction of the stroller were then based on the ornaments of the fabric. Though it is now rather in “boy-ish” colours, the romantic touch of the fabric makes it still girlish enough, I think. And then, I always liked to burst those boy/girl stereotypes.

Everything that has wheels in our household gets to get repaired at least a few times a day by our little mechanic…

It came handy here to have a lot of (eco-friendly) colours for wood and metal from the painting of those sorting bowls I made for Liv’s birthday. Just what I needed. I mixed the shades I used from those basic colours I had.


Liv wasn’t that happy about the blue and green colours, though. She said she didn’t like it. At least the morning after I made it, when she saw it for the first time. Now she doesn’t seem like she minds. It’s not that she would miss the pink either. When I asked her what colour she would like it to be instead, she said yellow. Hm. So we’ll see, maybe this stroller might get another makeover some time soon… when I won’t know what else to do. ;-)

DIY Colour Sorting Bowls With Acorns

I’ve been in love with colour sorting bowls like this one (especially those with acorns) for some time now and I wanted to buy some long ago for Liv on Etsy. I would not mind the price (since I think it is good to appreciate people who do good stuff, honest crafts with a good price… (but that’s another story)), but when you add shipping costs to it which are more than the item itself, it gets to be a pretty expensive toy. So let’s make one ourselves, right?


I was looking for nice wooden bowls for a long time, but they were usually quite expensive. Or at least those I found. But then I came upon these metal ones at a H&M Home sale for about 2-3 euros. Though they are different than what I originally had in mind, they are OK too and so I just went with it. I like them enough to wanna use them and at least I’m not sorry to paint them over.

DSC05301  DSC05295

So when Liv’s birthday was coming up, it was finally time to get them done.


It was also a good time, because I’ve noticed she started to be interested in sorting, and sometimes even by colour. ;-)


I bought the wooden acorns here on Etsy. At least the shipping for those wasn’t too much, since they could be sent as a mail-package. Love them, by the way! Just the size I wanted, beautifully made.


It was important to me to get some eco-friendly and kid-friendly colours for the whole project. Luckily they were not hard to find, they had some at a paint shop near us. They didn’t have a big range of hues, though, just some basic ones so I did a little mixing at home when painting. I actually played around for quite a bit to get a shade I was satisfied with.


Funny thing is, about a week later after I made those sorting bowls, my mom told me she bought me some wooden ones, because she knew I’ve been looking for some for quite some time. They are really beautiful though, so I’m sure we’ll find a use for them too! :-)


Also, a month later I saw some wooden bowls at IKEA, that I could have used. But, meh, whatever. It’s done now. At least those from the sale were cheaper, ha.


Anyway. Liv really liked them. It only took me a bit of explaining why we’re not going to repaint them (just now), since she saw the bowls before I painted them… She caught me unprepared there. Well, I guess it does have it’s downsides if you do painting projects with your little daughter on different things.. It can get hard to explain when and why we paint sometimes on some things and when (and why) not.


She loves the acorns. And she added some buttons to the bowls right away. Sweet girl and her love for buttons. They don’t match the colours quite, though, when she’s in a colour-sorting-mood and she doesn’t acknowledge as pink being similar to red yet. Not even light-green to the darker green bowl. But that’s OK. I still love that she’s just playing around with it from time to time, with whatever improvements she comes up with!