Little Matching Blue Coats for Dolls

If you have seen the Asymmetric Blue Coat I have made for Liv this winter, then this will look a bit familiar to you.


As one of the packages in Liv’s Advent Calendar, I have made two little matching coats for Liv’s dolls.


I’ve been planning to start making some clothes for them lately, because she’s started to be interested in putting on and off clothes. On herself, on the dolls, on any stuffed toys we have. Mostly she takes some of her own clothes (or my shirts) and puts them on her toys. It’s really sweet, actually.

Then one day Liv wanted to take one of her dolls outside with her. But she couldn’t go. Because the doll would be cold outside (having only kind of a summer dress). Btw, that was Liv saying, the doll would be cold. So she wouldn’t take her after all in the end. So there came my inspiration for the first clothes to make for her dolls.

Yep, poor little thing, still needs shoes. And a cap. And a scarf. According to Liv’s words. That will be on my list… for the future…


And since I made that coat for Liv, I thought it would be nice if her dolls had matching ones too. Of course, made somewhat simpler. I made them the night before she was going to open the package. :-) Haha, crazy crazy mama.



Liv was really happy about her dolls having the same coats as her. Yay, good idea. :-) Though, I have to admit, she doesn’t take them out very often anyway. There’s just enough other interesting stuff outside, even without the dolls. But that’s ok. I’m still happy she likes them as they are.

shitty quality, but I really like the moment it’s capturing 

Sorry for the notsogoodquality mobile-pictures. I just don’t have (yet) any proper ones…


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