My DIY Working Space and Pegboard

Today I would like to share with you a little part of… well, one could almost say a little part of me. And it would probably be more right than I would’ve thought when I started to write this sentence.

When we were buying this flat we are living in- btw, our first (and probably last?) very own appartement- it seemed at the beginning like I would have a whole (or almost whole) room to myself, so to speak. To sew, to create, to work in. Now it seems it has pretty much shrunk to “just” a corner… Ok, it is still pretty much half of the room. Ok, let’s admit, half of the half room, Liv has started to occupy with her stuff. Her toys, her books. It’s pretty much where she plays the most. Which, by the way, I find terribly sweet! Even though, it takes up “my” working space.


Nevertheless, I love my working space. And not only because Liv takes up half of it. (haha, there’s an unintended pun in that sentence.. :-)

A lot of love and detail has gone into creating this little corner of mine. Though it may not seem so, but it was not quite as easy to do as I thought when I first started playing with the idea of making it what it is.

I really loved all the pegboard walls that I saw on the internet before. So obviously, that was where I wanted to go with my corner.

Here’s how it looked when it was fresh up on the wall

Finding a pegboard in a home improvement store (you know, the kind of Home Depot, only we have others here in Europe..) was the easy part. The hard part was to actually find accessoires to go with the peg board. Not that I couldn’t find any, just that they were usually going with a special other kind of pegboard-ish walls. Which were different than what I wanted, usually out of metal. I did not like them. And they were much more expensive. And, of course, the distance between their holes were different from the cheaper pegboard that I bought. Which was my main problem. So I had to improvise.


I looked up Amazon, but they don’t always write the distance either, and I didn’t want to buy something blindly. Only one day after I was looking for them already for some time, luck smiled on me a little and I found those hooks that would fit- in a store after all. Pity, I don’t remember anymore where it was.


To go with this, I bought the RIKTIG curtain hooks with clips from IKEA. The forms on which the ribbons and laces are wrapped around, I cut out of a thick paper.


Btw, I had NO idea I had so many ribbons and such. The ones hanging on my wall are just a part… There’s another box full of ribbons, laces, bias tapes, rubber bands and so on, hidden away in a closet opposite to the desk, because they didn’t fit on there anymore. And I thought it would be just one row on the pegboard!


My all-time-favourite part on that pegboard is this DIY threads-holder, my father made for me! It’s just pure awesomeness. :-)
I saw such on the internet before, so I showed him some pictures, asking him if he would help me do this. We also looked up Amazon and Ebay, if it wouldn’t be easier to just buy one, but they were too expensive (or too crappy) for my taste. And I really wanted it to be wooden, which not all of them were.


So he made this. And it’s PERFECT. He even added those cute half-sphere embellishments on the sides, because he knew I would like that. :-)

The only thing about it is, again, I have too many threads. I had no idea I had sooo many. So only about half of them are up on the thread-holder.


The rest is hidden in the big bin on the FINTORP rail, I bought at IKEA. There’s also two small bins, also bought at IKEA (either potholders or candleholder, I’m not sure as they can be used for both, but I think it was the first one). They hold the smaller tools that I use frequently. Like my Aqua-marker, other marking pencils, seam gauge, fabric glue, tweezers, fabric puncher, etc. You get the idea.

Underneath the thread(holder) there are 3 little bins attached to the pegboard. There are small things, that I need most frequently, like needles for the sewing machine, pins, marking chalk, and my Walking foot (when I’m not using it).


Then there are a few big tools hung upon the pegboard. I had to make the hooks for those just out of some metal strips, as I couldn’t find anything proper. Well, ok, honestly, it was meant to be a temporary thing, until I find some other hooks. But I’ve stopped looking since these work just fine.


I have this lovely little hanger on the desk, holding all my scissors. It was a present I got some time ago, meant for jewellery. Again, this was a temporary thing, but I’ve grown to actually love it like this.


And then there’s the shelf above the pegboard. One of Liv’s favourite parts about my working space, really. Because it has all the buttons (and other small closures or embellishments or such things). And I let her play with them. She would ask to go on my arms, then she chooses which ones she would like to play with and I put them down on the floor for her to study them. Or do as she likes. She also likes the big bin with the rest of the threads, because I let her play with those too.


I used the magnetic knife rack from IKEA (GRUNDTAL), which I put on the bottom part of the shelf to hold the glass bottles.


Having a baby came in handy here, since I was making the whole thing at a time when Liv was already eating mushed food, so we had a LOT of glasses from baby food. :-)
I just had to get the labels (and glue) off (there was a lot of scrubbing with a metal sponge and nailpolish-remover, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought) and I spray-painted the tops red.

I thought I’d have to add magnets on top of the bottle-tops… I even bought a few samples to try out which would hold. But it turned out the tops are holding just fine by themselves, since they are metalic (and therefore magnetic). Lucky me.

My little helper… she loves sewing and crafting with me. She also loves to sit behind the sewing machines. And play around with the thread tension arms of my overlock. And then I can wonder why it’s not working as it should.

I added an ornamental (painted polystyrene) moulding to the shelf, which I didn’t plan to, because it wasn’t after all very pretty with the magnetic rack all being visible. Luckily I had some left, which I bought as a test to the pegboard, where I also added an ornamental moulding, to make it look a bit like a framed picture.

Yep. That’s about it. Yeah, except I painted the pegboard with some red colour we have still left from painting the room. And I cut out my own stencil (by hand, into a thick cardboard…ouch, that evening my fingers really hurt…) and made a pattern on top of it. Yeaaah….now that’s it, really.

As I said, I love my little corner. The pegboard and everything made my working process so much easier, it’s great to have the most common used things right at hand. And I like things to look kind of special. But most of all, it helped me so much to have things organized, easy to work with, easy to find…


Oh, and I’m pretty happy to add those little babies to the list, which my husband (with Liv’s help) put up only a few days ago! Adding a little industrial/ steampunk vibe to my work area. Finally I have some light over my big desk, where I draw, cut and do all the stuff when I’m not sitting behind my sewing machines!

Here are my other helpers. Love them. And I thank oh-so-many-times-all-heavens (and my father) for my overlock… makes life (sewing) SO much easier!

Haha, a friend always told me in University I was a romantic. I never wanted to believe her. Me? A romantic? Noooo. Now when I look at this corner of mine and how it turned out, I must confess, I probably am somewhat of a romantic after all. :-D

Where do you get all your (creative) work done?


(Btw, if anyone should wonder, none of the above was given to me, I am not making advertising or promotion to IKEA, Singer or anyone else. Simply stating my work of progress, if anyone were to find it useful.)



Little Matching Blue Coats for Dolls

If you have seen the Asymmetric Blue Coat I have made for Liv this winter, then this will look a bit familiar to you.


As one of the packages in Liv’s Advent Calendar, I have made two little matching coats for Liv’s dolls.


I’ve been planning to start making some clothes for them lately, because she’s started to be interested in putting on and off clothes. On herself, on the dolls, on any stuffed toys we have. Mostly she takes some of her own clothes (or my shirts) and puts them on her toys. It’s really sweet, actually.

Then one day Liv wanted to take one of her dolls outside with her. But she couldn’t go. Because the doll would be cold outside (having only kind of a summer dress). Btw, that was Liv saying, the doll would be cold. So she wouldn’t take her after all in the end. So there came my inspiration for the first clothes to make for her dolls.

Yep, poor little thing, still needs shoes. And a cap. And a scarf. According to Liv’s words. That will be on my list… for the future…


And since I made that coat for Liv, I thought it would be nice if her dolls had matching ones too. Of course, made somewhat simpler. I made them the night before she was going to open the package. :-) Haha, crazy crazy mama.



Liv was really happy about her dolls having the same coats as her. Yay, good idea. :-) Though, I have to admit, she doesn’t take them out very often anyway. There’s just enough other interesting stuff outside, even without the dolls. But that’s ok. I’m still happy she likes them as they are.

shitty quality, but I really like the moment it’s capturing 

Sorry for the notsogoodquality mobile-pictures. I just don’t have (yet) any proper ones…