Modern Fairytale Asymmetric Girl’s Coat


Ever since I made this little coat for Liv (at the beginning of this winter), I was hoping for some snowy landscape pictures to post here. I already had given up hope and had a different set prepared, which I love just as well in the end, and was already going to post them, when- who would have thought- on the next morning there was snow! I just couldn’t not give it a try.


I really wanted to make something that would make a little pixie, elf, or whatever you want to call it, of her- which I think she secretly must be. And at the same time I wanted it to be something modern, kind of urban. Oh yes, and I love asymmetric stuff recently. In case you haven’t noticed yet… So I’m pretty happy how it turned out, kind of being all of the things and the different elements work surprisingly well together.



So here comes the fun-fact. This coat is made out of some scrap curtain fabric from IKEA. I bought those curtains for our bedroom, and when I was cutting quite a bit off each, the first thing I thought was: this would be such a lovely winter coat! So I had to make some.



It’s a very thick, heavy cotton fabric. I’ve put some looovely cotton fabric as lining in the inside and a (colour-wise) not so lovely but warm flannel as middle layer inbetween. Originally I wanted to use just the light blue/ turqoise cotton as lining, but there wasn’t enough of it. Neither was there enough of the other peach fabric, but I thought it looked nice together and it’s in the inside anyway.
All of the fabrics were rest fabrics I already had at home, so one could really say that was quite an upcycling project. :-)




I love it when the lining in clothes is made of beautiful fabric. And in Liv’s coat it pops out gently just here and there…


Love also all the other small details.



Unbelievable. I think, she must have outgrown it already a little bit. I think she had quite a growth spurt this winter, I noticed on more of her clothing that it suddenly has become somewhat short, some of it she has only since autumn. Or it is also possible I might have shrunk the coat a bit… I did prewash the fabric (I think, haha.. it was a long time ago when I bought the curtains), so it shouldn’t really shrink, but it could still be…

Haha… doesn’t she almost look ethereal on this pic? Like a woodland elf showing the way to the lost wanderer..

Teaser for the future: I’m also making another coat, similar to Liv’s, for myself. Yes, it’s the infamous coat from my last post. It’s also from the rest of our curtain. who would have thought, there would be enough for two coats, right? Hope to finish that one soon and post about it more..


Blooper: Mamaaaa stop shooting and take me up on your arms! I still love that picture :-)



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