I wish you all a wonderful, happy New Year! Though, a little belatedly. May it be a good year, despite of everything that is happening in the world right now… Though, ever since I have recently joined Facebook at last (thanks to this blog), I fear it has brought us rather one step closer to the Apocalypse, so maybe we should rather prepare for Zombies and the like :-)

But let’s turn back to this post I was going to write. My photographer (sister) is somewhat indisposed lately and since I was rather working on some things for myself in December (which in retrospective sounds weird, since I should have been concentrating rather on sewing Christmas presents for others, right?) I am now in a waiting process when that might happen to get photographed. No, I was not entirely selfish. I did make a coat for Liv and a dress for my cousin. But I don’t have pictures of either. Yet.

So I was thinking, I might post something older in the meantime. And it’s all about Zippers! Ok. In fact, it’s just zippers. No jokes. Just plain zippers.


About last spring I think it was, my little girl became really fascinated by zippers. Everytime we put something on that had zippers, especially hoodies and jackets when we went outside, she would play with them. Sometimes she got so much into it, I couldn’t get her outside for 20 minutes or so until she was satisfied.

Also, at that time I was carrying her around a lot in our Ergo baby carrier. So even outside she would have a lot of time to play around with my zippers.


So at home, I sewed some spare zippers I had on some plain white cotton cloth. It really was a quick 30 minute job. With Liv’s help :-) She was sitting with me behind the sewing machine most of the time. You can probably see that on those drunken seams :-)

I had the luck that there’s a space between the top and the side of my working table. I wrapped the fabric around the side part and hand stitch it quickly together on the other side. Voila. That’s it.

2015 - 1
Love the hands on that photo! Oh, and she was still such a little baby (compared to now) when I took this last spring…

Liv has pretty much enjoyed it, I am happy to say. For a long time, she would only open the zippers, since that went easier the way down. And I would have to close them, so she could opne them again. But now she’s a master in closing them as well.. I guess that means it’s role has been fulfilled.


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