Modern Fairytale Asymmetric Girl’s Coat


Ever since I made this little coat for Liv (at the beginning of this winter), I was hoping for some snowy landscape pictures to post here. I already had given up hope and had a different set prepared, which I love just as well in the end, and was already going to post them, when- who would have thought- on the next morning there was snow! I just couldn’t not give it a try.


I really wanted to make something that would make a little pixie, elf, or whatever you want to call it, of her- which I think she secretly must be. And at the same time I wanted it to be something modern, kind of urban. Oh yes, and I love asymmetric stuff recently. In case you haven’t noticed yet… So I’m pretty happy how it turned out, kind of being all of the things and the different elements work surprisingly well together.



So here comes the fun-fact. This coat is made out of some scrap curtain fabric from IKEA. I bought those curtains for our bedroom, and when I was cutting quite a bit off each, the first thing I thought was: this would be such a lovely winter coat! So I had to make some.



It’s a very thick, heavy cotton fabric. I’ve put some looovely cotton fabric as lining in the inside and a (colour-wise) not so lovely but warm flannel as middle layer inbetween. Originally I wanted to use just the light blue/ turqoise cotton as lining, but there wasn’t enough of it. Neither was there enough of the other peach fabric, but I thought it looked nice together and it’s in the inside anyway.
All of the fabrics were rest fabrics I already had at home, so one could really say that was quite an upcycling project. :-)




I love it when the lining in clothes is made of beautiful fabric. And in Liv’s coat it pops out gently just here and there…


Love also all the other small details.



Unbelievable. I think, she must have outgrown it already a little bit. I think she had quite a growth spurt this winter, I noticed on more of her clothing that it suddenly has become somewhat short, some of it she has only since autumn. Or it is also possible I might have shrunk the coat a bit… I did prewash the fabric (I think, haha.. it was a long time ago when I bought the curtains), so it shouldn’t really shrink, but it could still be…

Haha… doesn’t she almost look ethereal on this pic? Like a woodland elf showing the way to the lost wanderer..

Teaser for the future: I’m also making another coat, similar to Liv’s, for myself. Yes, it’s the infamous coat from my last post. It’s also from the rest of our curtain. who would have thought, there would be enough for two coats, right? Hope to finish that one soon and post about it more..


Blooper: Mamaaaa stop shooting and take me up on your arms! I still love that picture :-)



Just a few thoughts about thankfulness


Today is just one of those days where I just can’t seem to find my peace of mind. I’ve tried to channel into finishing a coat I’m working on for myself ever since December, but it seems I have chosen not the best pattern and now I have difficulties adjusting the back of it (since I do need to have it on for that and those arms of mine just won’t twist backwards no matter how hard I try to persuade them).
It doesn’t matter that I’ve made a test coat out of scrap fabrics to try the pattern before I cut it out of the intended fabric. It just behaves differently on the thicker fabric and suddenly it doesn’t fit that well as it seemed to fit on the tester. Now it hangs there sadly back on the figurine and all the other things come back flowing back at me and I become restless once more.
How I would like to finish this project and share it with all of you (not to mention to finish it before winter is over so that I could also wear it a bit). How there are other projects finished, but need to get taken pictures of to be able to share it. Not to mention some of them might need some little tweaks to make them better and I’m not much in the mood for that. How there are some things I would like to share but I can’t sit down and sort out the photos. How we haven’t seen much of my husband for the last week, because he’s had so much to do himself, trying to run now 3 businesses. How there’s so much clutter everywhere around our appartment. And I would like to get some order into that chaos around here. Even toys and such, that I usually tidy up in the evening are now left around, because it seems like it doesn’t matter if there’s a bit more around, when there are other things lying around waiting to get installed in the appartement or be assigned a place. I tend to get upset sometimes about the fact that there’s still so much to do in our appartement. We bought this place 3 years ago and are getting things done little by little, as time and money allows. And since I’m quite a bit now at home with Liv, I have many ideas I’d like to do around here. And there’s so little time (since they’re usually not something I can do by myself…with Liv to watch…). And so little money. Not that I’d want to get on that topic very much. How there are other projects waiting in line that I could start, but I don’t want to, until I finish what I’m doing. And while all those things are lying around and there’s little place for work.


Hmh, that list took up much more than I thought it would.

And then I remind myself it’s not the most important thing in life. What is important is the things we already have. We don’t need to have the perfect stylish home as you see them in catalogs. Of course, the designer bit in me would like to have that. But it won’t be. Not for some time, anyway. And that’s ok.

Not wanting to sound too cliche, but what’s important is we are healthy (not counting small illnesses), we are happy (despite my lapses of peace of mind here and there).

I am thankful for my lovely child. I am so happy with her, every single day. I never enjoyed every day so consciously as I do now with her. I am thankful for my husband, who works hard right now to keep us a comfortable home. I am thankful for all those years we have spent together and those many more I hope we will. I am thankful for our dog, hehe, who is snoring loudely beside me right now. Even though he can be such a bulldozer, he is such a sweetheart. I love how they are getting on with Liv. They love each other, and he can be so patient with her.




I am thankful we have a place we can call home. Our own home. A place where Liv can play and learn and everything. A place where I can create. It may not be perfect. It may need a lot of work yet. But it is our home. And we love to come home. When we go somewhere, like for a few days or a week or so, Liv starts to ask to go home. And when we drive home and we come to the last turn of the road and we can see our building, she counts up who lives there in our home (Livia, mama, daddy, dog). I love that. I guess we must be doing something right when that child likes to come home.

I am thankful for those simple words that Liv has come to say recently (for the first time) a few times to me.
‘Livia loves mummy’.
Those simple gestures, like when she grabs my face with both of her hands and places suddenly a big kiss on it.
I guess it means that I am also doing at least something right.

I am also really thankful for being able to stay at home with Liv. I may get upset from time to time about things I would like to do or change or have at home, but that’s not what really matters. I am so greatful for being able to be home with Liv and watch her grow little by little every day. I can’t imagine having to put her somewhere (at this stage of life) and having to go to work instead, missing all those developements. I think it would make me pretty much heartbroken.

I am thankful for our family, for our friends.

I think I wanted to write some more things I was thankful for, that did sound less cliche. But those have slipped off my mind by now… But then again. I guess those things that sound cliche, are those that really matter in the end.

This post has become rather very personal. I guess the first one on my blog. Don’t worry, there won’t be too many such around here, I promise :-) But it was soothing in a way.

Now I can go to sleep, concentrating on the things that are good and important.


Have a great night everybody!


I wish you all a wonderful, happy New Year! Though, a little belatedly. May it be a good year, despite of everything that is happening in the world right now… Though, ever since I have recently joined Facebook at last (thanks to this blog), I fear it has brought us rather one step closer to the Apocalypse, so maybe we should rather prepare for Zombies and the like :-)

But let’s turn back to this post I was going to write. My photographer (sister) is somewhat indisposed lately and since I was rather working on some things for myself in December (which in retrospective sounds weird, since I should have been concentrating rather on sewing Christmas presents for others, right?) I am now in a waiting process when that might happen to get photographed. No, I was not entirely selfish. I did make a coat for Liv and a dress for my cousin. But I don’t have pictures of either. Yet.

So I was thinking, I might post something older in the meantime. And it’s all about Zippers! Ok. In fact, it’s just zippers. No jokes. Just plain zippers.


About last spring I think it was, my little girl became really fascinated by zippers. Everytime we put something on that had zippers, especially hoodies and jackets when we went outside, she would play with them. Sometimes she got so much into it, I couldn’t get her outside for 20 minutes or so until she was satisfied.

Also, at that time I was carrying her around a lot in our Ergo baby carrier. So even outside she would have a lot of time to play around with my zippers.


So at home, I sewed some spare zippers I had on some plain white cotton cloth. It really was a quick 30 minute job. With Liv’s help :-) She was sitting with me behind the sewing machine most of the time. You can probably see that on those drunken seams :-)

I had the luck that there’s a space between the top and the side of my working table. I wrapped the fabric around the side part and hand stitch it quickly together on the other side. Voila. That’s it.

2015 - 1
Love the hands on that photo! Oh, and she was still such a little baby (compared to now) when I took this last spring…

Liv has pretty much enjoyed it, I am happy to say. For a long time, she would only open the zippers, since that went easier the way down. And I would have to close them, so she could opne them again. But now she’s a master in closing them as well.. I guess that means it’s role has been fulfilled.