Just A Little Bit Of Christmas Decoration

Last week I made the decision it was finally time for some christmas/winter decoration. The Christmas-is-coming-feeling still hasn’t arrived, but when I was talking to somebody I suddenly realized it was only a week (or less) until Christmas by then. So something had to be done.


I was pretty much in a sewing delirium until today. I have a tendency to give myself too many tasks I would like to do and then I get a bit caught up in trying to fullfill them all. And as everybody knows, work efficiency is the higher, the less time you have..


Anyway, in between all of that I wanted to make some decoration at home. But since I was working on other things, I made it simple. From things we already had at home. Or around it.


I took the papercut winter village I made last year, some lights, 3 green vases that were sitting unused on one of our window, some branches I collected outside and some wild brier, also collected outside.


I love this paper cut winter village by Lia Griffith. I spent a loooot of time last year cutting it out. By hand. And it was totally worth it. But since there’s a lot of stuff lying around at our place and I was loosing patience, trying to put it up on our narrow window sill with lights between them, which always made it fall down, I decided to divide them..


One part came up on the window. With some lights and a paper cut lantern, also from last year, by Lia Griffith.



The other two parts on our dining table. Together with some lights (I absolutely looove those brass ball lights… I just bumped into them at a store earlier this month and had to take them. Love the shadows they make!), the vases with branches in them, which I spray-painted to white, and wooden Betlehem figures, we got as a Christmas present some years ago from our parents-in-law.


(Haha, betchya you didn’t know there was a black bear in Betlehem. ;-) Can you see him? Liv added him to the figures… I actually kinda loved it.)


Our advent wreath was actually just some owl-candles on a plate with wild brier. Yep, you heard me. Owl candles. :-) That too was just some random bought a month ago. Just in case they would come in useful. We like owls. Did I mention that before?


I meant to give the brier with whole branches around the candles. But they had so many thorns and were so impossible to work with… not to mention there’s a small child around the house, helping me with everything. I decided we would give up the branches and took just the fruit parts.


And last but not least, we hung a (white spray-painted) branch in front of our window. Added lights and some simple hay-decorations we had at home.

I did love the feeling it all gave our home. Simple, some lights, yet pretty.


And then there’s of course the advent calendar I made for Liv. It actually worked out pretty well. After one or two tantrums about wanting to open more packages at once, she got the fact that we open just one at a day. Of course, she always wanted to open more, but when I told her we would open another tomorrow, she got it and let it be… clever little girl.


Well then… I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful, happy Christmas!



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