Frog and Montessori ball

A dear little creature has joined us in this world not long ago and I have had the pleasure of making something to welcome her.

I have been asked by this little creature’s aunt to make some toys for her. But since it’s my sister-in -law’s sister’s daughter, I almost felt as if I were doing it for my own niece. (Does such a relation count as -some kind of- family? I am never really sure…)


One is a Montessori puzzle ball. I’ve made some before, the first one was for my Liv, when she was little. They are actually pretty easy to do, though it might seem a little scary for some before you start it. There are some great tutorials though on the internet, that helped me a great deal when I was starting. My favourites are from Little Red Farm and Osem ruk doma (this one is in slovak).

Montessori balls are great for little ones to practice grasping and holding. But even after this period they are great. A bit older children can practise throwing and catching more easily than with a normal ball. We are still working on that one. And I hope it will serve my children (and those I make for others) for many more years to come.

I added a bell into the middle, so it would have also the dimension of sound and be (hopefully) more interesting.


The other toy I made is a Frog. A frog to cuddle and explore. It’s actually pretty easy, just a square with a stuffed frog head and hands. I found a wonderful soooooft mint fleece for it. From the other side of the square (dark side of the moon, haha) I put a teal minky fleece. It’s super soft too.

To make this cuddling frog more interesting for the dear little one, I added different things on the corners of the square. A wooden ring, a jingle bell, some buttons and different ribbons. So there is going to be sound, something to chew, something to get little fingers hooked into :-)

Though it will yet take a while until she will take notice or even play with them, I am looking forward to (hearing about) it and hope they will serve well in entertaining her, make her laugh and help her explore and develop her skills.

This is the Montessori ball I made for Liv, a year or so ago.

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