Low Back Pyjama

As I have mentioned before a few times, we have had to make some adjustments to Liv’s warderobe since she has started using her potty. One of those adjustments involved also her pyjamas. I don’t know about others, but I find any onesie pyjamas, whether they are with snaps at the crotch or a long zipper in front or any other closure just impractical. Even more so in the night. Since I have to get up, half drowsy, and go to the potty with her and undress her. It just takes too much time and effort, when half-asleep. Not to mention putting it back on.


So we definitely had to change to trousers-and-shirt-pyjamas. My problem with those is, that Liv hardly ever stays under her blanket during the night. And those shirts are up ALL the time. Leaving her with a bare belly. And back. Soooo… A new shirt we needed.


I made it longer in the front, but especially with a much lowered hem in the back. I actually didn’t mean to make it THAT much longer in the back. While making it, I just thought suddenly thought I’d try to make it as long as possible. I could always redo it, cut it shorter. But then it just seemed like a good thing. And so it stayed.



It kind of reminds me of a tail-coat. But that never occured to me until I saw it finished on her, since I didn’t mean to do it that long.




I don’t know. It just works. I mean, of course, even like this it gets up and her belly is bare sometimes. But it is definitely less than with normal pyjama shirts. Though, I might have made just a nightgown. And I probably will. But this is such a good in-between alternative..



The fabric is a jersey by Rebekah Ginda, Joy Flowers in a row in violet. The neckline and sleeve hems are a light yellow jersey I had at home lying around. The pattern was inspired by a onesie pattern from Burda Style. That is, at least, the upper part.


(See, that Dragonfly mobile I did for her when she was little is still hanging above our bed :-)


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