Little Asymmetric Autumn Dress

I almost thought I missed an opportunity to make photos of this dress in the middle of fallen autumn leaves, as I imagined. Inbetween 5 weeks of never-ending colds, coughs, slightly too cold weather, to be topped off with a strep throat (Yay!), there was little chance to take Liv outside just in a dress.


But. Luck has smiled upon me (us) just for a moment last week. In the middle of November, it got really nice and warm (17C!), Liv just seemed to have overcome the colds finally (just a day or two before she suddenly got high fevers and that strep throat), so I was not feeling guilty (then) to let her run around a little bit without a sweater or coat on in the sun. Even I had only a shirt on, and the sleeves rolled up, because I was feeling warm. Not to mention, Liv had a shirt or two underneath that dress.


This is definitely one of our favourite autumn dresses. One day, in the beginning of autumn, I was looking into my fabric-stash-closet, to look what I should do next, when Liv took out this wonderful yellow leafy cotton fabric and handed it to me. Well, it’s actually flowers, but every time I look at it I just think of autumn foliage. I asked her if I should make something out of it for her. She said “Yes”. I asked her if she wanted a dress or trousers out of it. She said (something that did sound similar to) “dress”. So there it was. She chose herself. And I obeyed (the obedient mummy I am). :-)


The fabric is a patchwork cotton I bought some time ago. I was looking for something entirely different at that time (fabric for that little Rhino, actually), when I went by those pretty little bundles of rest-fabric the store was selling at discounts. This is one of the fabrics I took. It was just enough for that dress for Liv. :-)


As for the pattern, I really liked the top part of this Penny Playsuit by Shwin&Shwin, I saw some long time ago. So, inspired by it, I used their pattern of the top bodice and added my version to make a dress out of it.


Since I was doing it out of the same fabric, I added the ribbon between the skirt and the bodice, to accentuate the curve of the bodice. Also, I made the hem of the skirt to immitate the curve and make the emphasize it even more.


I only sometimes kind of wish I had made a zipper in the back. It is a bit tight when un/dressing. But we manage anyway. I don’t know why I really wanted to make just a button instead with an elastic loop. But what a button :-) It’s like a bear having a stroll in the middle of autumn leaves


I love how she looks almost like a little autumn-elf in the middle of all those fallen leaves, blending in and almost disappearing :-)


But the asymmetric style of it makes it a nice street-style dress too :-)



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