Yellow Accessories

I know I’ve already said the previous post was to be the last about summer-made stuff. Yet, there is just one more thing I wish to add. I promise. But the pictures have been taken rather recently, so it might work like a bridge between those two seasons. :-)

Because my brother and his bride had a yellow-white theme on their wedding, we all wanted to go with it. At least a little bit. As would our little ones. So I made little accesories for my daughter and her cousin.

My little nephew got this little chevron bow tie. Well, it was really just the bow, being attached to his onesie with two snap fasteners, to make life (both for him and his mama) easier. SONY DSC

He looked just sooo sweet with it. My sister bought him those yellow-with-white-dots suspenders (at H&M if I remember correctly).


My own little girl got a sweet little vintage-inspired bonnet out of yellow cotton, lined with the same yellow-white chevron fabric inside as her cousin’s bow tie.


We used the bonnet for the whole summer as a hat. The big shade working really well in keeping the sun from shining into her eyes (which she hates). Funny thing, though, she never wore it at the wedding. Liv absolutely protested every time I tried to put it on her there, so I gave up rather quickly. Some wars are not worth fighting.


The bonnet is two-sided, really. You can put it on either side up. But we never did, I liked the chevron side just to peak out from the inside.

DSC02591 copy

Ha, ha.. you can even flap the shade over. Sometimes we did, so Liv could see better.



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