Little Hippu Long Sweater

Autumn is in its fullest and I’ve been waiting to share some new things.


As I mentioned before, my now 19-month-old daughter got the hang of being without diapers pretty quickly and is fully potty-trained for some months now already. This brought some new challenges into our lifes, though, some of them concerning her dressing. For example trousers usually being all too big around the waist. Or not wearing onesies anymore, to make it easier get her undressed when she needs to go potty. And since it got chilly outside, we started wearing long shirts, sweaters, or dresses on top of shirts to protect her back that might pop out, as is usual with active toddlers.


So one of the first things I made was this long sweater, great for late summer (once the evenings start getting chilly) and early autumn (still enough warm to be needing ‘just’ a light sweater).

The fabric I used is a Little Hippu grey Bio-Sweat. Though, I don’t know why it is called grey, it is much more of a brownish colour. Just btw. I chose it because I actually liked the brownish colour and found out about the name later. Not that it matters. I added some black jersey (which I had at home for centuries) for the cuffs, neckline and the bottom of the sweater.



I actually wanted to add originally some black shoulder patches as I did on the Orange Animal Shirt to make it more edgy.. but it would have gone straight over the hippu’s (whatever that is, many have guessed all kinds of animals :-) heads… making them… all… headlless… so I changed my mind in the end and left it as it is.


such a fun pose... I couldn't resist sharing...
such a fun pose… I couldn’t resist sharing…

I made the pattern really just by taking one of her shirts that I liked the fit of, tracing it and making it longer, to the length I needed. Easy peasy. That was a fun and fast little thing to do.


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