Black Fishtail Circle Skirt

When I saw Delia’s tutorial on Delia creates for this fishtail circle skirt I immediately loved it and thought I must give it a try.
It just looked so simple, fast and good looking. And I have to say it really was!


I chose to make it out of a black jersey fabric I had at home sitting in my fabric-closet for ever since I remember… Who knows who bought it and what for. Anyway it never got used. I wanted to make something out of it for several times but they were always some of those projects for myself that never got to get made. Sooo this time I finaly took it. And used it. And made that skirt with that dramatic twist.

The tutorial was really well written, so easy to go with. So fast to make. Did I say that too many times already? Seriously. And there are no seams. And no hemming. I did insert that happy dance in there as Delia suggests ;-) The only sewing part is where you attach the waistband.


It really has a nice feeling, walking around in that skirt. It swirls around and behind you when you walk and you feel so… well, dramatic :-D

Another great thing about that skirt is you can dress it up with something more fancy, even though it is a knit fabric. Or make it casual, depending what you put on with it. Also, you can wear it with the short hem in the front… or on the side… or anywhere inbetween. And it looks pretty cool. And it’s seriously so fun to wear.


My only regret is I made it about 5cm shorter in the front than I would like it to be (maybe a little bit more). And 5cm too long in the back. But that is easily fixed, as opposed to the front. And that’s more because the jersey stretches quite a bit in the back since there’s a lot of fabric. And as to the front… well, I’ll just have to live with it. And make it longer the next time I make one. And there will be a next time for sure :-)

I actually exactly know where I made the mistake with the front hem. I have a skirt I wanted it to be the same lenght. Just below the knee. But since it was another evening when Liv was finally sleeping and I was pretty tired, but I just so wanted to make something (quick and easy). And when I was measuring the lenght of the other skirt I somehow didn’t realize it had two layers… and I measured just the upper one. Oh well. Shit happens. Especially in the evenings when one is tired. Next time it won’t happen. Hopefully. :-)


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