Tank Top With Birds And Polka Dots Shorts

This is one of the last posts where I am trying to catch up with my summer creations. Soon I will turn to more current things. It almost feels inappropriate to write about summer clothes for hot weather when it is already cold, rainy outside and the landscape is turning into this magnificient yellow-orange-brown kingdom of the autumn season. I love autumn most of all seasons. But let’s go back to summer for just a moment longer.


I’ve had this very lovely cotton fabric at home, which I ordered in spring already, by Robert Kaufman with the name Kokeshi Birds Sweet. Liv loved the fabric immediately and handed me the fabric a few times, which I took as a sign that I should make something out of it for her. I think it’s so sweet how she loves to play with my fabrics… take them out of the closet, go through the stashes, put them around her… :-)


So I made this summer tank top for her. I used the Burda Style’s pattern from 05/2015. It was really easy and fast to do and the result was great. The only issue was, that the pattern was made for stretchy fabric. And since I made the top out of patchwork cotton, it was missing some some width when putting on and off, even though there’s the closure in the front. But luckily enough, it was not THAT bad and Liv liked the birds on the fabric that much that she would choose it to put on even by herself anyway. Also, lucky me, she’s not very fussy about getting dressed, at least most of the time.


I liked to pair the tank top with those mint green with raspberry Polka Dots Bio-Jersey shorts, I made. Here I used a pattern from the same Burda Style’s edition.


Admittedly, I did not play around with those too much. Liv just really needed more shorts for summer, so I just took what I had at the moment and made something quick. They seem to be super comfy though. And in the end I loved how it went with that tank top. The mint was just like the light turquoise/mint birds and the raspberry dots were almost the same shade as the pink birds on the shirt.


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