Truly Retro

When I was a baby I had a blue dress with tiny white hearts. My little girl wore that dress this summer.

I love vintage things. Clothes, furniture, anything you can think of. Vintage/antique/historical/retro. Whatever you may call it. Plus, isn’t it just a nice thought that your daughter is wearing something you used to wear? Even though, I don’t remember it any more. I always wished my mother would have had more of her clothes from her youth stored away somewhere, so that I could find it and wear it. I was quite disappointed not to find anything. And I dearly love those few precious interesting pieces I have of hers.


Who knows if she will ever feel the same about my old stuff. Sometimes I think she probably will be rather sick of my love for vintage things and will want something quite different…


Funny thing… that shoe she’s playing with in the first picture- we got that second hand from a friend, who I guess bought it second hand from someone who had it for who knows how long… anyway it looks pretty old :-) and that ladybug hair clasp in her hair is one that my little sister wore at least 15 years ago when she was little. So really… everything there is truly retro ;-)


Just as a proof that I wore that dress when I was a baby..


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