Top With Emerald Lace On Back

In between all of the sewing for Liv I also made two tops for myself this summer. Ever since I am a mother (of a small child) I find it is not as easy to find clothes that meet all of my expectations.

As a mother (I find) you really want something to feel comfortable in, no matter if we are at home or on the playground or in the city, running errands or whatever else you have to do. I am still breastfeeding, on demand, so I usually want something that has an easy access to the source, if you know what I mean ;-) Also, I gained quite some weight when I was pregnant and  it still hasn’t gone much back to the way it used to be and most of my old clothes are far too tight unfortunately. So there’s also the question what suits my new bodyshape and what I feel comfortable in, in that sense.


So here we are. I took two shirts I really like and feel comfortable in, drafted them and made a pattern for those shirts.


For this I used a cream-coloured jersey. I bought it quite cheaply, but it’s really nice and soft and great to wear. It looks somewhat brighter on the photos than it is in real life. In the back I added an emerald stretchy lace I had at home for some years already, waiting and waiting to be used. I love dark green colours. It always catches my attention and I struggle not to have everything dark green :-D But since I don’t want all of my clothes to be dark green, I then try to “save” those fabrics for something special… and then it waits… and waits… and waits… Because, of course, my own projects always take a hundred times longer to make than those for others.
So here- at last! I used this wonderful lace-y fabric to add a nice surprise in the back of my rather normal shirt :-) I like nice twists that spice up the ordinary in everyday things…



I was happy how it turned out… it’s everything I described in the beginning of this post. Comfortable, for everyday use, but with an interesting twist…. (breastfeeding friendly with the wide enough and stretchy neckline)… not to mention it was fast and super easy to sew :-)


Btw, as far as sewing goes, it was really fast and basic jersey sewing. The only detail that needed a bit more attention were those shoulder pieces. I made them all double and added some fusible interlining on all of the parts from the inside, so the jersey would not stretch on the shoulders, but hold the form I wanted it to be.


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