Mother-Daughter Matching Summer Shirts

This summer I made another shirt, using the same pattern as with the emerald lace back, just with some alterations. I actually made this one first, not that it would matter.


I made it out of a bright green jersey I bought in the spring… spring usually makes me want to wear/buy stuff in nice bright and light and happy colours… Just as much as autumn usually makes me really want to wear mustard yellows, dark red, brown and dark green (ok, this one I could wear anytime) colours. Does anyone else have such strong seasonal feelings about your clothes? :-)

So to soften this really bright green, and also to make the shoulder pieces stand out nicely, I used a very light yellow jersey I had at home in my stash of fabrics. Here too, I used fusible interlining in the shoulder pieces, so they would hold better. I actually meant to put it in right away, but wanted to try it out without… only to find out it wasn’t a good idea not to put it in, because the jersey stretched too much and it looked bad without. So I had to add it afterwards. I should have put it in right from the start and it would have saved me a lot (ok, just some) trouble. Well, sometimes you have to learn things the hard way…


After I was finished, there was some fabric left… Not too much, but just enough for a tiny person. :-)


So I couldn’t let it be. Liv got a shirt from the same fabrics too.


But I’m not that much into same-same or too matchy stuff. So I changed the design of her shirt a bit. Instead of shoulder pieces, I made her a circular neckline with two lovely green buttons as closure.



I really liked her shirt. Probably even a bit more than my own. And I was really happy, she liked her shirt too and she would choose it sometimes by herself that she wanted to wear it.


It also was pretty fun to have matching clothes with my daughter. It felt really nice, showing we belong together. And people on the street would sometimes stop us and tell us how lovely we looked :-) Although, I have to admit, I didn’t wear mine as often as Liv did hers. The bright green was a little bit more bright than I usually like to wear, so I had to be in the right mood to put it on…



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