Little Monsters Hoodie

My dear little nephew turned one last month. So I really wanted to sew something for him and there was this one fabric I had already at home I thought would be perfect… I was saving it for him ever since I bought it. My sister and her husband wear almost only black (and white) clothes, so I thought this would go well with their aesthetics. Plus, the monsters are really adorable, so they soften the grey/black on a little one-year-old creature. :-)


Originally I wanted to make some pants for him. But the fabric was really crying out “HOODIE SWEATER” to me… so I had to obey, right?



The fabric is a grey sweat by Farbenmix called Best Buddy- little Monster.


I reused and altered a pattern I used some time ago for one of Liv’s sweaters. I added a hoodie and changed the front to a kind of U-overlapping closing, which you unfortunately can’t see on those pictures, because he doesn’t have it closed. There’s a closing with two buttons and elastic loops.

Isn’t he just cute…? :-)



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