Best Art Happens Off-Canvas

We have had a busy last week, always going somewhere, so I think both Liv and I were quite relieved to stay home on Friday afternoon and have a nice calm afternoon-evening. So after she had her daytime-nap we went on a little meadow near-by to our home, trying out our new kite for the first time! I mean not only the first time for our new kite, but for the first time for Liv too. :-) We’ve been really looking forward to this ever since the end of summer. Sadly, I didn’t get to make a photo of it, since I was running around for the most of the time with Liv on my one arm and trying to hold the kite with the other. She really wanted to hold the kite, but she’s not such a great runner yet, so I had to carry her around. Anyway, it was great fun and the kids (we went with a friend who has a girl too) loved it.

After that we went home. And how to end such a nice, calm evening better than with painting before our bath.


For some time now we have started to use paper and different colours, which I bought in IKEA last time I was there. I didn’t really mean to use them for some time yet. But I was always really sorry to have to wash away all of Liv’s creations, so I thought -well, why not try it this way? After all, she doesn’t eat the paint anymore. (And I’m there with her all the time anyway in case she would want to try.) So here we are.


In the mood for some blood? :-)

Liv does really like it. However. Somehow, she always paints only for a few minutes on the paper. Then she gets much more interested in pouring the paint out of the bowls, mixing them, and such. I don’t blame her. It is really fascinating, how the paints flows down the bathtub, mixing together… There is a certain kind of perfection in it. Natural perfection. So. As much as I would like to have some of Liv’s art creations conserved for years later, her best art always happens off-canvas (or off-paper, if you will).

20150827_184423                             20150827_184221    20150827_184202

Isn’t it in real life sometimes (often) just like that? Best things in life happen outside of the paper… outside of cameras… you can’t really capture it.. :-)



Liv cleaning up after painting. How Montessori, isn’t it? :-)



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