That Girl and Her Motorbikes

My little girl just LOVES motorbikes. In any form you can find. Whether it is a real one on the street- which she automatically wants to sit on- or a picture of a motorbike in a book or a magazine or anywhere else, a tiny motorbike for kids to sit on or an even tinier toy motorbike… Anything there is, really.

2015 - 1

Guess what. We were at a store last time and there were just a few lego-boxes they had. Which one did my daughter choose? Of course one where there was a Duplo-Spiderman, who had -what?- a Motorcycle. Where it not ridiculously expensive taking in consideration that it was just the spiderman and his motorcycle in the box, I would have bought if for her.

That face when she sits on a motorbike... :-)
That face when she sits on a motorbike… :-)

If we are going somewhere and she gets a bit whiny- the best thing that helps is start looking for motorbikes around us. She always gets excited for that.

She just nows from an early age what’s good. ;-)


Does anybody else have a kid with funny/awesome obsessions? :-)


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