Montessori Inspired Mobiles

Let’s change from sewing themes for a moment here. I’d like to share also some other DIY projects I’ve done.
Some of our favourtie toys for the first let’s say about 6 months of Liv’s life have been Montessori inspired mobiles I’ve made. I only heard about Montessori for the first time after Liv was born. I read a post on my cousin Miriam’s blog where she wrote about them. It got me interested and I started researching more about them and Montessori. Soon I came upon lovely blogs like How we Montessori, Little Red Farm, and others that got me really hooked. And I soon made my own mobiles with stuff that we had around.


One of our favourite was for sure a mobile made out of a stick and cones we collected on one of our walks outside. A added some big beads, wooden rings and bells I found at home.



Liv loved that mobile. Sometimes she would play with it for about 45 minutes! I then wouldn’t know what to do since I didn’t expect her to be interested in it for so long. At least for the first time. Then I had a book or crosswords lying around for such cases. :-)


Another favourite was a see-through ball that I filled with colourful beads. Liv was quite fascinated by it, trying to get hold of it. Also it made a nice rattling sound when she would hit it, of course. I usually had it with me anywhere we went and it was almost sure to occupy her for a while anywhere we’d be. I’m happy to say it also got almost every other kid’s attention we were with :-)


Later, I made a wooden ring with a bell on a ribbon. I tried the wooden ring by itself, but it did not get Liv’s attention too much. She was always very interested in sounds. So then it got a bell too. And a see-through ball with bells.


One of my personal favourites was five skeins of yarn in different graduated shades of yellow to orange. I hung them on a wooden scoop… actually that was only because I made it at my parent’s house and I couldn’t find anything else to hang them on. :-) But I liked it even more for it afterwards.


Another lovely -non Montessori- mobile Liv had, and actually her very first one, which I got on her babyshower, was one with 3 little giraffes under a roof of leaves. It came with a little box that made it go around and had a tune (Vivaldi’s Four seasons), which we would sing all day if we let it play a few times. But she loved them and they actually still hang over her shelves with her toys. :-)



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