Father’s Day Gift a.k.a. Footsteps

Ok, I know Father’s Day has been a while ago. But since I have taken those pictures back then only so I could post on it- if I ever started that blog I was thinking so long about- I thought it would be the right time to use them.

Liv has made a gift for her dad for last Father’s Day. With a little bit of help from me. Oh. Or was it her dad’s birthday? Actually I am not really sure right now. But since they are near to each other, it gets somewhat blurry there. And it doesn’t really matter. It was a gift to her dad anyway, and that’s the important part.


So, we took this really nice, really really sooooft green t-shirt. I painted my sweet daughter’s feet black. And together we made those footprints on the shirt. Started actually on the place of the heart ;-) so that the most vivid footprint would be there (how symbolic is THAT… though not really intended :-) and making the other ones after, so that they would fade away at the bottom and top.


The result was great. Super easy. Super fast. Super cute. I think. And Liv even enjoyed doing it. :-) Didn’t enjoy the washing of her feet after, though.


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