Dragonfly Mobile

For some reason (I don’t really know why) I wanted to make a seperate post on our dragonfly mobile. It is actually the first I’ve made and it still hangs over our bed.


It is made out of wooden sticks, which I collected outside, tied together by a cord. I printed out some dragonflies I liked on normal paper, Each two times. Then I glued them together, with a cardboard inbetween. I actually wanted to laminate them before hanging. But then I was too impatient, didn’t want to wait until I got to go to the city centre to have it done. And we don’t have a laminating machine at home. So I just skipped that part.



I hung them for Liv over the bed, thinking originally it could get her attention for some time on early mornings when she would wake up and I still wanted to sleep. :-) (We sleep together in one big bed we’ve made ourselves.. I might make a post about that one day, since I’m rather proud of it… it was one of my better ideas in our appartement :-) But many times I’ve caught myself watching them myself while breastfeeding or just lying on the bed, how they would float around in the stream of air, sometimes I don’t know where from. ;-)



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