Black Velvet Evening Dress

Today I want to write about something I made about two years ago. Well, a little less than two years actually. I guess it was one and half. I particularly remember this because it was two weeks before I gave birth to my daughter. In a way it was hilarious. My lovely younger sister had her graduation prom coming up (in one week) and she could not find a dress that she would like. So, quite last minute, she asked me to sew something for her. Together, we came up with a fast and easy design that she liked. She sent me the fabrics and got measured by our mother after I sent her what I needed.


Her first fitting was the evening before the prom. And by that time the dress was already finished and I made only some small alterations after that.

Two weeks before giving birth. I was not even sure if I would manage to finish it, in case my girl would have wanted to come out sooner. And by that time I was realy huge. I mean my pregnant belly of course. And I mean really huuuuge. Maria (the younger sister I was sewing it for) used to make fun of me and asked me regularly if she should call Greenpeace to come and flip me on my other side and keep me wet (like the wales).  So it was really fun sewing that dress as big as I’ve become. I particularly remember the time when I needed to draw the skirt on the fabric. I had problems getting down and drawing on the floor over my huge belly (and I didn’t have a big table to do it on yet). My husband had to come and draw it for me under my instructions. :-D


Anyway. The dress (and collar) was out of black velvet. Or maybe an imitation of it. If I remember correctly, it was thinner than I would velvet expect to be and a little stretchy. The upper part of the bodice and short sleeves were some kind of a really thin, black, stretchy net-fabric. THE most slippery fabric I have EVER worked with. So far. No chiffon or anything was that slippery ever. Plus it was a net. And stretchy. It was a joy to work with. (can you hear that sarcasm? :-) But thankfully it was only a small part to work with and nothing very complicated. I was SOOO greatful for my overlock, though! I don’t know what I would’ve done without it with this fabric. I think I would have cried. A lot.


I made the pattern myself. I was so glad it all turned out well and fitting her perfectly. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to fit all as it should and I was pretty nervous she didn’t come to a fitting sooner. But man, am I good, or what? :-)



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