Green Faux Leather Baby Shoes

My little girl was learning to walk last winter. She needed something for her feet to protect her from the cold, but as much as I tried, I just wasn’t able to put real shoes on her. She would twist her foot in a way and the shoe would not get on. So, when I came upon some patterns for babyshoes I knew right away I wanted to try that out.

2015 - 1 (2)

On Etsy I found Lena’s Shoe Patterns, which I really liked. First, I made those lovely Kimono Baby Shoes. They are SO cute, I really want to make another pair for Liv as house-shoes for this winter. And maybe for me as well :-)

The fit was really great, only I made a mistake somewhere while sewing and made one shoe a little bit smaller. Therefore it was harder to put on and it would come off sometimes.

The morning after I made them...
The morning after I made them…

The next one I made were these boots. I really liked the fabric snowflakes on the fabric I used for the first shoes, so I wanted to put them on the boots as well. Unfortunately they were somehow too big (that is, the upper part) and they wouldn’t stay on. Such a shame, I really liked the look of it.

2015 - 1 (1)

The third shoes I made were Blue Meadow Shoes. We liked those the most. And used them a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Up until they became quite worn-out and scuffed and the laces started to come off. :-) They fit her perfectly and she seemed to enjoy them. She would wear them inside in the beginning, but then also outside (when it started to get warmer and the snow melted and Liv could walk a little around.

2015 - 1

I wanted to make another pair, once those last ones were worn-out. But then we started to wear real shoes after all. And since it was quite a chilly spring for a long time, they would have been a bit too thin she’d have cold feet, plus they could get wet. So once she started walking around more they were not enough anymore. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll do some more some day :-)


I used the green faux leather on all shoes, because, well, that’s what I purchased the first time and I didn’t have any other ones at home. And once I bought some more, we stopped using them. So, next time. Or maybe next time I’ll just use cotton for the outside as well… We shall see.


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