Orange Animal Tree T-Shirt

I saw this really cute Modern Babydoll Top by Shwin Designs, which I really liked. Plus, the pattern for it was free. So I thought I’d give it a try. The pattern was too big for my little Livie, and I was doing it out of jersey with some alterations anyway, so in the end it was more of a starting point for me, rather than really using the pattern.


The fabric I used was Monaluna’s Meadow Vine Knit and Monaluna’s Meadow Vine Pinwheel Knit for the top hem and the shoulder patches.


I left the shirt without ruffles on purpose, because I really liked the cute animals on the tree print of the fabric. If I had done the ruffles as in the original pattern, the print would get lost in them. One thing I definitely used from the pattern was the shoulder patches. I love the shoulder patches. I’m pretty sure I’ll use them again some time soon. They put a nice modern edge to it all. I also love the hi-low hem. :-)


I did intend to put a band out of the Pinwheel fabric over the part where the top and bottom part are joined, but it didn’t work out well, so I just left it out in the end. I was really happy then, that the tree almost joins in those parts and you don’t really see the split too much.


One thing I’m not very happy about with this fabric is, it got quite stretched out over time and also somewhat faded out. I would have expected it to last longer than a few months…


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