Knotted Two-Sided Bib

My mom had this old, burned dish-cloth at home that we would sometimes use as a bib for Liv, when we came there. So one day, I took it home with me and made a baby bib out of it.

It was then that I remembered, I had seen some time ago a free knotted pass-through baby bib pattern by Delia from Delia Creates. I love her blog. She seems just wonderful and I really admire the things she creates. Anyway. It’s always easier if you have already a pattern, rather than if you have to start from point 0. So I used the pattern. And loved it.


I don’t have a picture (yet) of this first bib I did. But since I really liked it, I made another one. I tweaked the pattern a little bit. Made it a little bigger (at least, that is- longer). And I added a pocket on the bottom. Also, this time, I used a bias tape that went around the whole thing.


The fabric I used for it was laminated cotton by Robert Kaufman; Urban Zoologie Owls on one side and Urban Zoologie Frogs on the other side. I was really into funky colourful prints this spring and summer, if anyone couldn’t tell from the things I did for Liv :-)





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