Blue Tunisian Tile Pajama

I really needed a short summer pajama for my little girl. Last year I had something of this sort for her, and since I found a good pattern in this year’s May’s Burda Style magazine, I just thought I’d give it a go.


The fabric is from Monaluna’s Marrakech Knits line, called Tunisian Tile. I’ve first put it away into my fabric closet, thinking it was somewhat more boyish than I wanted for anything for Liv at the moment. But when I was looking for something for my pajamas, I suddenly thought it was perfect.


The Pattern from Burda Style actually has an overall with long trousers and no sleeves. Even though it was a particularly hot summer this year (I did not know that of course at the time I made those), I wanted it to have short sleeves, so we could use it also on the bit less hot nights. So I added sleeves myself.



For the hems and the small pocket I used some green jersey I just had at home already for some time. I think it gives the whole pajama a nice little suprising element to it all.


I was really happy how it all turned out. Though it got suddenly a little big, when we stopped using diapers this summer, even for nights. That has altogether become a problem with all our trousers recently, since I guess usually brands don’t count with 16-month-olds not wearing diapers. I guess I’ll have to make some trousers next. But that’s a whole different theme for maybe another post.


I do love it when this blue eyed child has something blue on… :-)


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