Girly Biker Shirt

I might have started the whole thing with this shirt. Because it was the first Jersey shirt I ever sewed.


The fabric is a Bio-Jersey called BMX Green. I just love the colour (anybody who knows me better will know I love green in almost all it’s hues) and the retro bikes.


DSC01512 DSC01511

I made the pattern myself, inspired by another shirt Liv had before which she was at the time growing out of and I really loved it. I left the sleeves unhemmed on purpose, ’cause I kind of liked the look of it. And I also liked how the jersey rolled up a little bit unhemmed. I’m very happy how the bottom hem with the ribbon turned out, too. Gives the hole shirt a girly touch, while it would have looked quite boyish without it. Not that I’d care too much, but it’s nice sometimes to give people a hint my child’s a girl. ;-)



Funny thing about this shirt is, I actually did it without an overlock, even though I have one. I was doing at that time a wedding dress (for my brother’s bride, a post on that will come soon). And I didn’t want to change my threads and settings, even more because I didn’t know what I needed for jersey just yet. And this shirt was a “quickie” just in between.


That little girl of mine can be a real lady sometimes…



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