The Elephant Shirt

Ok, so enough doodles. Let’s start with the real stuff, why I really started this whole blogging thing.

I have only recenty, just before this summer, started to sew with jersey. I don’t really know why. It’s not like I was deliberately avoiding jersey and knits. But before, when I was sewing, I would be doing more historical clothes or evening wears and the like, not really everyday clothes for me, so it was never a fabric to consider there really. But since having a child, my (sewing) attention turned to everyday wearable and comfortable things. And also, to tiny little clothes for Liv. And so… this spring… I orderd some pretty jerseys with nice prints for that daughter of mine. Researched a few nights on the internet and other blogs tips for sewing with knits. Then made my first shirt for Liv. And a new (sewing) love began.


I used a pattern from one of this year’s Burda Style magazines. The fabric is a Bio-Jersey, called Elephants Savannah. I just fell in love with the elephant print right after I saw it. And the fabric is such a great quality and so soft! I was really happy with this purchase.


I also love the pattern of the shirt. It was ideal for a summer shirt. The pattern is quite wide, which makes it nice and lofty. The elastic band around the neck and sleeves make putting it on super easy and fast, which can be a great plus when your child is not always exactly interested in getting dressed and likes to run away while you are trying to put something on her. :-)


We do like to make fun and say the elephants have a cold and are sneezing… Once, after saying that, Liv took a paper handkerchief and gave it to the elephants on her shirt so they could blow their noses. :-)



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