Mint Shirt

I’ve had some patchwork cotton fabric at home, waiting to be used. I don’t do patchwork. At least, I never did and I don’t intend yet to make patchwork, though I do admire people who do. They have my great respect.

So anyway, here it was, this gorgeous mint fabric by Riley Blake, Good Natured Dandelion Mint. And I really really wanted to make a shirt for Liv out of it.


Funny thing, I actually thought I was ordering Jersey fabric there. I guess I didn’t read the description very well. Sadly, Riley Blake doesn’t do jersey (as far as I know), which is a shame really, because the prints are awesome.

I used the same pattern from Burda Style as for the Elephant Shirt. I do really like that pattern. It fits her so nicely.



Oh, well… I should have ironed the shirt before taking the photos…

Because I had only a narrow piece of fabric (I think it was only 40 centimeters), it was missing just a few centimeters for the front piece. So I altered the pattern a little bit, and cut it in two pieces with a little V-part. This way I could cut that part extra and extend the missing fabric.



I actually wanted to make it narrower on the sides, after I put it on her for the first time. Somehow I just never got to do it. Those little tweaks and mendings always get to wait the longest on my table, before they get done…


The patchwork cotton doesn’t fall as prettily as the jersey verion I made. Of course. It is a little bit stiff. Nevertheless, I do like it. And it was ok for summer.





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