Where to begin…

In my head, I have started this blog about a year ago. Though, at that time it would probably have been much more about parenting and my daughter’s frist year of life. It would have been a kind of a journal for myself probably. Now, the winds have changed and I just really want to share especially the things I create. Although still, it is going to be a lot about her anyway, since the things I create are mostly for her.

This is a photo of Liv one year ago… taken last summer.

More and more she made me want to push myself, learn new things, create things, make our home a nicer place.. etc.

Ok. Since somehow I just can’t decide what to put up as my first real post, I’m just going to put here a kind of a paper cut/ shadow play dragon doodle. :-)

dragon doodle copy

I made it in my university years. We had to make a logo for the puppeteer department. That’s just something I started to play with while trying to make out what to do. I cut out pretty random shapes and then played with them a bit on the scanner. It was pretty fun. And I even rather liked it in the end. Even my graphic teacher rather liked them, though I didn’t really think I would use them while I was playing around with them.
While I was gathering things I might want to use for my blog, I suddenly remembered them for some reason.


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