Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I have started it to share what I love doing. That means sewing (anything from modern, everyday clothes to historical dresses), any artsy-craftsy projects like creating toys for my beloved child, making models, DIY stuff, but also trying to slowly get our apartment to look like a home.

It is also a bit of a journal, memoir, or use any word you like, of my days with my daughter and the things I get to experience while living and exploring the path of parenthood. I do have to say I have never so consciously enjoyed my life, like since the day this little big-eyed wonder has come to this world. She makes me realize how time goes by quickly and how I must cherish every little moment with her.

I do get inspired by the Montessori and Waldorf approach of parenting and teaching, though not strictly living by it, so there might fall some words on those topics here and there, while we are trying to find our ways of getting some of that order into our chaotic world. :-)

I guess there’s nothing more to say than I hope you’ll like what you’ll read, hopefully get a little bit inspired… and enjoy.


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